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Costume Designer-Wardrobe Stylist Paola Erazun’s Winning Style

Paola Erazun with actor Martin Starr

By Dean Evans

With a deep background in both the demading world of high end haute couture and on-set experience in film and video, Costume designer/Wardrobe stylist Paola Erazun is a powerhouse force. Her combination of audacious originality, comprehensive understanding of an assignment’s full spectrum needs and ability to troubleshoot unexpected challenges with the lyric grace of a master  jazz musician’s improvisation have established Erazun as an in-demand top hand.

The Madrid-based, Argentine-born Costume designer’s affinity for fashion has been a lifelong romance. “Even when I was a child, I always loved wardrobe and I’m very creative,” Erazun said. “I am always looking at people’s outfits and I love to make people look good!”

\With degrees from Italy’s famed Istituto Europeo di Design and Madrid’s venerable Universidad Complutense, she quickly built up a resume studded with such stellar clients as Dior Cosmetics, Guerlain Paris, Audi, Givenchy, Cartier, Burger King and Chase Bank, Erazun’s flexible capacity and intuitive style allows her to take on a broad variety of platforms, from music videos to television commercials to virtually any type of branded content.

Her transition from fashion to film and video was a natural extension of Erazun’s far- reaching talents. As lead costume designer for the Spanish edition of  ‘X Factor,’ Erazun’s team created costumes for contestants, styled the judges and dressed the X Factor girls, invaluable experience that led her to a career path as costume designer.

“Working in fashion was a dream come true,” Erazun said. “I love the fashion world and everything that surrounds it but after 15 years there was a moment where I felt that something was missing. At this point, I started doing more costume design and wardrobe styling in commercials and music videos. I realized that I like storytelling more than fashion world.”

After her X Factor stint, Erazun suited word to action. “I did creative production and styling in London,” Erazun said. “I was working with many high end brands there for five years and then moved to Los Angeles.”

Relocating to Hollywood to work full time as a Costume designer/Wardrobe stylist was an ideal professional evolution, as her recent work with the acclaimed British electro-pop septet Hot Chip on their “Hungry Child” music video makes clear.

“This was a fantastic opportunity because I love this band,” Erazun said. “Such great songs, they get stuck in my head and I can dance to them all day. I’d met [director] Saman Kesh the late last year and we did some jobs together. Then he called me and said ‘I have a music video with Hot Chip and I know you will be great for this!’”


It was practically a family affair: “When Saman told me that [actor] Martin Starr would star in the video I was very excited,” she said. Not only because I’m a big fan, but after this video I styled him for events several times and he’s such a great, professional and funny guy. Now, definitely, this video was a dream come true!”

“As Costume designer, music videos are always challenging because of budgets and timing is always tight but we made it work,” Erazun said. “I was concentrating on the wardrobe styling end, and the video’s focus was on the story line, so we wanted something very real, normal, wardrobe that, really, is not even noticed.”

“Martin and Milana played a couple and their colors were mostly in browns, green and beige,  but the other characters added a lot–the Uber driver was in a Hawaiian shirt that was great for that scene. popping some colors and a cool pattern inside the car. The therapist wore an African print shirt, we wanted her to be a kind of a guru someone a bit weird, so that shirt was the one–it couldn’t be more perfect for the story!”

Erazun’s meticulous attention to 8detail and unflaggingly creative approach were significant factors in the finished product.

“I really enjoyed it,” she said. “Working with Martin Starr and Milana Vayntrub a great experience, although it was stressful because it was such a long day shoot but the actors made my life easy, the entire team was fantastic. We all are very proud of this project.”

It was very well received, winning the prestigious 2019 Association of Independent Music’s best independent video award, and also garnering a best dance music video nomination from the UKMVA [Music Video Awards], significant events widely recognized as the premier celebrations of global music video and filmmaking.

For Erazun, it was another winning step along her colorful, steadily ascending career path.

“Right now I’m into more creative projects, colorful ones, projects with strong, engaging themes,” she said. “I really want to get into storytelling, create deeply emotional characters, based on what they feel, what the story’s situation is. And I love period pieces, recreating past eras, doing more of that is also a goal.”

With her exceptional roster of impressive credits, far-reaching versatility and profound dedication to her craft, Erazun lives and breathes the essence of the wardrobe stylist’s demanding skill set. For her, it’s the natural order of things.

“”My philosophy is always treat small and big projects exactly the same—and always put the absolute best of myself into the job.”



Using makeup to embrace womanhood with Allison Giroday

Allison picture sitting down
Allison Giroday, photo by Liz Rosa

There is a common understanding in the fashion industry that clothing, and makeup are products that you buy, but style is what you do with them. Style is eternal. It doesn’t fade when new trends emerge, or when old trends divulge. For makeup artist, Allison Giroday, style is inherent, running deep through her veins. She credits her love for fashion and makeup to the fact that she grew up in one of fashion’s most acclaimed decades: the 1990s. She recalls herself as a young girl, inspired by the token 90s bombshells she’d see on billboard signs and magazine covers. She even remembers her 13-year-old self, locking herself in her school bathroom, trying all sorts of tips and tricks to achieve Pamela Anderson’s signature smudged-eye and baby pink lip look.

“I thought those women were just the most beautiful women in the world and I would stare at their pictures, studying their makeup. I collected fashion magazines and watched Fashion File. I never anticipated that I’d be in the position I am, looking back on those days. Now, the greatest feeling in the whole entire world is when a client gets excited over the reflection she sees in my mirror. It doesn’t matter whether she gasps, smiles, tears up, or sits up taller, it brings me a pride like no other. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, powerful, and confident. I love the fact that I get to be a part of that,” raved Giroday.

Fortunately for Giroday, she has been able to be a part of that journey for a number of different people, projects, and publications over the duration of her career. For instance, Giroday was referred to hit Canadian artist, Lights, in order to do her makeup for Canada’s largest, most prestigious music event, The Juno Awards. She has also worked for several other celebrities such as professional basketball player, Steve Nash, and successful rap artist, Lil John. Her work has even found its way into publications such as Glassbook Magazine, British GQ, Life & Style, Reader’s Digest, and several others. When founder and editor-in-chief of Mother Muse Magazine saw Giroday’s work, she knew she had to bring her on board for her publication.

Mother Muse is a fashion and lifestyle printed coffee table book, available worldwide, that focuses on the quality of slow living and modern motherhood. It is rich with artwork, articles, interviews, and editorials intended to inspire everyday women and everyday mothers to follow their passions and to live life to the fullest. Due to its heavy emphasis on style, Mother Muse is often full of unique images of models, beautiful color schemes, and several other style inspirations. It is important, therefore, that Mother Muse work with exceptionally talented artists to shoot images that will captivate their readers’attention at first glance.

They begin every shoot with a mood board selected and prepared by the editor with a description of the woman or women that will be featured. This is when Giroday begins to determine how best to match her model’s facial makeup with her other style and hair elements. In a constant determination to outdo her former self, Giroday places great emphasis on keeping her makeup looks current and ensuring that she doesn’t fall behind on the latest trends. With that, she conducts research in her own time to ascertain that she is providing her clients with the latest and greatest that the cosmetics industry have to offer.

“Success has the ability to breed complacency and that’s an easy trap for an artist to fall into because at that point, you stop continuing to grow. It’s important to want to stay inspired so that you never fall out of love with what you are doing. To me, the term makeup artist really is about the art. I don’t just apply makeup, I paint the canvas. My goal is to make my client feel like it’s the best makeup they’ve ever had and I’m so passionate about that,” noted Giroday.

In addition to her passion for makeup itself, Giroday loves working for Mother Muse, as it allows her to explore femininity with every shoot and to embrace the qualities of a goddess. She has crafted her talents so much over the years that she manages to evoke emotions of power and wisdom through the makeup looks she presents and with that, her work tends to flow seamlessly alongside the rest of the magazine’s team. She loves being able to work with other organized, motivated individuals to promote and celebrate the nuances of motherhood, and womanhood in general. What’s more, is that Giroday gets to see the final outcome of her work in print form, a dying art. She loves the fact that she can pick her work up, hold it beneath her fingers and touch it. The amount of dedication and love she puts into her work makes it all the more exciting when she gets to hold it in her hands.

Overall, Giroday considers herself fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Mother Muse in the past. Every time she is brought on board for a project with them, she remembers exactly why she fell in love with their publication in the first place. She also takes great pride in knowing that Mother Muse has been covered internationally by Yahoo Australia, as well as the Daily Mail. It has also showcased the faces of popular celebrities like Selma Blair and Brie Bella. Next time you’re walking by a copy, pick one up and witness Giroday’s greatness with your own eyes.


Written by Sean Desouza

Model Francois Angoston’s athletic past is greatest asset

Francois Angoston modelling for Belk

Growing up in Guadeloupe, Francois Angoston spent his time playing sports. He was always an athlete, always making sure to be in the best shape possible. Later in his life, when he had made the transition to modelling, his athletic build and instinctively hard work ethic from years of sports training became his greatest assets, and today he is known internationally as one of the best models to come from the Caribbean.

While modelling for the popular American department store Belk, Angoston’s history as an athlete proved to be vital. Modeling for the catalogue in the sportswear collection for the last four years due to his incredibly defined physique and the captivating intensity he expresses in his posing, Angoston is an asset to the catalogue and brand. He has modeled Belk’s premier collections that have featured brands like Nike and Under Armour, displaying every article of clothing from compression shorts, to sneakers, to tracksuits, and sweatpants. Not only do these images have appear on posters in the 293 stores across the country, they also appear in magazine ads, and on the company’s website.

“What I liked most about working for Belk, was that they gave me so many experiences. I did things I never did before and it was always a pleasure working with such a great team. Most of the time we were shooting sportive topics, I really enjoy being energetic and dynamic on shootings. It makes a lot of fun. One day I was shooting with a kid and had to give him a training on the field. It gave me a journey back in the days when I trained kids in sports. I love kids and it’s so great how much energy they have,” Angoston described.

Angoston immediately impressed the casting director with his confident movements and versatile look, and his talents for the brand initially made them keep asking for him to return each year. Not only did he get to display sporting wear, he modeled a variety of lines for the store.

“I wanted to work with this client I loved the diversity of their clothing collection. Working for Belk is always a great experience. We’re doing so many different things and I can play different roles. One day I’m wearing a classy suit, the other day I’m riding the surfboard, go fishing or flying in a helicopter. They always have great ideas, beautiful locations and a lot of adventures to offer. I’m always excited for the next shoot,” he said.

Megan Hurly, the Senior Art Director for Belk knows firsthand that a model’s work is a critical staple and necessity of the U.S. fashion advertising and marketing industries, and she says her company relies on the skill of professionals like Angoston.

“The work of a model frames our apparel lines, making it imperative to find ‘the one’ who can match our creative intentions and complement them. Because of Francois’ extraordinary talent and incredible look, I have cast him as a leading model for Belk for multiple collection campaigns and catalogues since 2013, initially casting him knowing he would be the perfect model to represent the company long-term. We only rehire models if they prove to be valuable to the Belk name and its commercial success and reach, and Francois has done exactly that, it is for this reason that he has become our go-to model for our catalogues,” said Hurley. “Francois is a unique and gifted model. He always creates success.”

Francois Angoston in IZOD campaign

Being at the top of his field, Angoston is extremely sought-after in the industry. Many brands look to him to represent them, and his look has resonated with many shoppers. His work with the clothing brand IZOD did just that.

“Only one month before the job I just arrived in Los Angeles. The first job with IZOD was one of my first, biggest jobs, so I really wanted to work on this. You think about the immediate exposure, but I also loved the fact that they are a modern sportswear brand. I always enjoy having jobs with some action,” said Angoston. “It was a great experience shooting with IZOD. I actually get to play golf, hockey and mobile ski – that was very fun. We were going on the beach and had a great time as I had the chance to meet very nice people. But more importantly, I learned a lot from the people I worked with, as I’m always very interested and observing in how they work and behave. This attribute always gives me a better understanding and with that, I pay a lot of attention to details.”

IZOD is a mid-range clothing company that produces dressy-casual clothing, sportswear for men, as well as footwear and accessories. They are known for their Harrington jackets, v-necks, and cardigan sweaters. Consumers seek out the brand in many stores across the country, and recognize Angoston as a face of it.

“I loved the energy working with IZOD, and the vibes within the team. Everybody was extremely friendly but very professional at the same time. I really enjoyed being surrounded by happy people, as I love to create those days as a joy too,” Angoston concluded. “I remember dancing in the snow, shirtless, and one time playing football wearing underpants. It was super fun and I loved the results. How can you not love these days? That’s why I love my job.”

Spanish Fashion Designer Patricia Luke Goes Global with LUKEWILD!

Patricia Luke
Fashion Designer Patricia Luke

In 2013 Spanish fashion designer Patricia Luke, the owner and founder of the fashion label LUKEWILD , unveiled the Beconfi Collection featuring comfortable, stylish and unique hoodies and t-shirts inspired by the surf lifestyle. Made for the Fall/Winter season, LUKEWILD ’s first collection received quite a bit of attention for it’s simple, easy to wear style and incredible fabrics; but few could have predicted the way the brand would progress in the following seasons from the first reveal.

Patricia admits, “Everything started with a collection of comfortable hoodies and tshirts just because in the beginning the brand was very focused on the sea and surf. Then I started developing my skills so, coming into my own, and began designing more things that made LUKEWILD deeper, more pure and powerful.”

While the Beconfi collection was an important milestone for Patricia as a designer, it was LUKEWILD ’s self-titled SS 2015 collection presented in Marbella, Spain at the “Palacio de Congresos de Marbella,” where all of the city’s major events are held, where we really began seeing the label’s progression and Patricia’s skill as a designer. A special swimwear collection featuring flower and leopard prints, as well as a series of dresses and jumpsuits in pink, black and red, Patricia Luke says her inspiration for the collection was, “The wildness of the actual woman that works hard to achieve her goals.”

Patricia Luke
Mariana Minie wearing a piece from Patricia Luke’s New York Garden Collection (Photo courtesy of ISO100 Photo Press)

It was her Summer 2015 collection titled The New York Garden though that really put Patricia’s name on people’s lips as a designer to watch. Presented in the 2015 Marbella Crea event during the Starlite Festival hosted by Antonio Banderas, one of the most notable music and art festivals in Spain, Patricia’s collection included a mix of two piece dresses, tops and skirts, designed with bright colors and flower prints. Perfect for a sunset beach party, LUKEWILD ’s The New York Garden Collection debuted in front of a massive audience in Marbella, Spain as was judged in the Marbella Crea Competition. The competition brought together some of Spain’s best designers and included a judges panel of some of the most recognized names within the Spanish fashion industry, such as Jewelry designer Olivia de Borbón, Hola magazine fashion blogger Julián Porras, model Miguel Ortiz Vera, fashion designer Javier Cortés and others.

Patricia’s gorgeous collection, which was selected as the ‘Collection of the Day,’ earned her the award for “Best Young Entrepreneur of 2015” at the festival.

LUKEWILD Patricia Luke
Carla Candia wearing “The New York Garden” Collection for Starlite Festival 2015.

Since founding LUKEWILD, Patricia’s designs have become increasingly popular around the world. The wide range of dresses Patricia has created for LUKEWILD  are jaw-droppingly stunning so it will come as no surprise to anyone who’s seen her work that the label is doing so well internationally. The flowing long lines, sensual materials, and the colors and prints she chooses make the women who wear her dresses look and feel sexy in a way that is timeless and classy.

Patricia says,“I have always been a dress lover. I am very romantic so flowers are almost always on my designs. I enjoy designing unique pieces that are going to make the customer feel sexy, elegant and comfortable. I love to use silk for most of my dresses because I like the way it feels and how it flows.”

LUKEWILD Patricia Luke
Carla Candia wearing the “Raíces” Collection for Starlite Festival 2016.

Patricia, who’s only 30 years old, has already made a recognizable name for herself in the international fashion community. Before fully dedicating herself to her work as a fashion designer many years ago though, she also graduated law school. Even while in law school though, she admits, “My ‘Fashion face’ was always with me, working sublimely and instinctively!”

Over the past few years Patricia has made a huge mark as one of the most recognized Spanish designers in the field of women’s ready to wear dresses. While she’s received quite a bit of praise for her work as the founder and head designer of an astonishingly successful fashion label that continues to grab the attention of store buyers and individual customers with each new collection, she has also been awarded several times for her innovative creativity. In addition to winning the Best Young Entrepreneur Award from the 2015 Marbella Creativity Contest, Patricia Luke has been recognized every year since by one competition for distinct skills as a designer. In 2015 she was selected as the Runner Up in the Best Young Fashion Designers of Eastern Andalusia competition; and in 2016 she earned the coveted Starlite Marbella Award at the Marbella Creativity Contest for her SS 2017 Raices Collection.

Sofía B wearing the “Raíces” Collection for Starlite Festival 2016

Prior to launching LUKEWILD, Patricia assisted the popular NY-based women’s ready to wear fashion line Astier NY, founded by stylist and designer Jackie Asier, whose work has been featured in W Magazine, Tank Amica, Marie Claire, British Vogue, Spanish Vogue and many more high profile magazines.

Patricia, like most creatives, pulls inspiration from a myriad of sources; however, she marks her experiences travelling the world and encountering various cultures over the course of her life as one of the most powerful influencers. Before the age of 25, Patricia was fortunate enough to travel to more countries than most will in a lifetime– and of those, she says “Canada, Italy, Norway, France, UK, Switzerland, Portugal and Germany” have been the most influential in her work as a designer. She adds, “Also France. Obviously Paris and Milan made a big impression on me because of their fashion influence, the people I met and the places I visited there helped me to have a better idea of what fashion means to me.”

It’s easy to see from the captivating designs she’s created for LUKEWILD that Patricia Luke has a keen eye for fashion and a unique creative vision, but beyond that, she knows how to create pieces that appeal to the public, and that is one of the reasons why she has become so successful in the industry. Up next for Patricia and her label LUKEWILD is the 2017 SS Copacabana Collection, which is slated to debut within the next few months. Dedicated to Copacabana Times Square, a place full of history from which Patricia has drawn a great deal of inspiration, the Copacabana Collection has been designed with the idea of tropical swimwear in mind. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming unveiling of the collection; and make sure to check out some of Patricia Luke’s current designs at:


Photographer and Videographer Cristina Tomás Rovira Creates and Captures Life’s Most Expressive Events

Cristina Tomas Rovira specializes in photography and videography for music, fashion and weddings.


Professional photographer and videographer Cristina Tomás Rovira has worked alongside with some of the greats of the entertainment industry, capturing moments via still photography and film for more than half a decade.

Originally from Barcelona, Rovira’s awareness of the arts was sparked at a young age. “I’ve been interested in this world since I was little,” Rovira said. “Every time I watched a movie or a TV show, I could picture myself working on one of them. I was, and still am, addicted to watching behind the scenes videos.”

After obtaining her first camera around the age of 10 and receiving praise for her photographs, Rovira explained that, “something just clicked. I loved the feeling of people telling me that my talents were special and that they liked my pictures. So, I kept going to continue to get the same reactions from them.”

Rovira began working professionally while attending The Centre de la Imatge i la Tecnologia Multimèdia (Barcelona) in 2010.

“My first job as a photographer was at a music festival in Barcelona. I was 19 years old at the time, and it was one of the best experiences of my life,” Rovira described. At the time, Rovira’s pictures from the festival were used for press, ultimately gaining her work recognition around the city of Barcelona.

It was also during college when Rovira picked up her first DSLR camera in an attempt to figure out the basics of videography. “I was working on a fashion assignment for one of my classes and noted a lack of videographers surrounding me. DSLR cameras were increasing in popularity, so I decided to try the whole video thing for myself. I ended up capturing the making of that fashion project, and from that day forward my life was forever changed,” said Rovira.

Since 2010, Rovira has been in charge of all filmmaking at Padilla Rigau, a leading, Barcelona-based Wedding Photography and Videography company. The company is known for capturing some of lives most precious moments with a unique, modern and fresh twist.

“I truly believe that our work as photographers and videographers is based on feelings – to create them, and to capture them,” said Rovira. “Attending weddings has provided me with a greater sensitivity towards what is in front of the camera, and I now use that sensitivity always, whether I’m shooting a wedding, a commercial or a fashion film.”

In Rovira’s opinion, two of the most powerful qualities a good photographer can have are that of speed and affectivity. One must be fast, humble and approachable, and the same goes for videographers. “If you shoot the same look or seen a thousand times, the subject will get the impression that it is his or her fault. If you have something specific in mind, you need to explain your idea when everyone’s around, so that everything translates, including your excitement regarding the prospective shot,” Rovira explained.

When it comes to her own work and creative tendencies, Rovira tends to enjoy capturing the details that are often overlooked. “I consider myself an adventurer,” said Rovira. “I have always been on the hunt of new perspectives. I like telling stories from a different outlook. I’m really observant. I’ve always been that way, and that fact about my personality has given me an extreme sense of what people like to see in my work.”

The work of a photographer entails so much more than a simple point and click. It is a job that requires an excellent aesthetic eye, and both creative and technical aptitude. For example, when it comes to the different types of lighting she’s worked with, Rovira provided, “You have to be like a chameleon and adapt to the lighting that has been given to you. Sometimes, I’m shooting something that’s happening under one kind of light, and when I turn around to film something else, the light is completely different, so I have a very small window of time to reset my camera to shoot the second scene. I have to be fast and prepared so I don’t lose the moment.”

Rovira developed her own photographic style upon moving to Los Angeles for a year, where she collaborated and refined her camera skills with the internationally renowned photographer, Joseph Llanes. Llanes’ work has been published in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Spin, New York magazine and L.A. Weekly. His wide range of clients includes talents like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, The Black Keys, Katy Perry and Gavin Rossdale, to name a few.

“Everything that surrounded me was invigorating and I felt a constant need to capture most of the people and things that I came in contact with,” Rovira explained of her introduction to the entertainment industry of Los Angeles. “Being a foreigner gave me the chance to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.”

Alongside mentor Llanes, Rovira assisted with multiple photo shoots with top clients, where she ultimately acquired an intense understanding of the building blocks of professional photography. “I always learn something from Joseph in every photo shoot or project that we collaborate on. He taught me the importance of creating a good environment at work, and to always be two steps ahead of yourself with every project. Have a plan B, C and D, so you’re prepared to quickly solve any problem that might occur during the shoot, without the client noticing that there was even a problem to begin with,” Rovira said.

Since this experience, Rovira has photographed and assisted with shoots involving many top tier musicians, bands and musical events, her framework including talent such as Quincy Jones, Phoenix and Els Catarres. In 2013, Rovira assisted Llanes at the world famous annual music festival, Coachella. She has also photographed leading music events in Los Angeles with Llanes such as Hard Summer and the Hard Day of the Dead Festival, where Rovira worked in photographing such famed talents as the Grammy winning DJs Calvin Harris, Skrillex and Zedd.

During the Aokify America Tour’s November, 2013 Los Angeles show for Steve Aoki, a Grammy nominee and Billboard Award winning EDM musician, Rovira photographed Aoki as well as music superstars Iggy Azalea, Linkin Park, Travis Barker and Kid Cudi.

As a videographer, Rovira has engaged her outstanding talents for companies Brownie Spain and Padilla-Rigau, for several years. As an innovative team member, Rovira has, and currently, films and photographs weddings and fashion events. “Nowadays, we are amongst the top ten wedding photographers and videographers in Spain,” Rovira said. “I love doing weddings because I work with two of my best friends. We have built a really strong company together.”

When it comes to fashion, Rovira has created fashion films with some of the most well known brands in all of Spain. Some of Rovira’s clients include Shana, Swarovski, Codigo Basico, Estel Alcaraz and Pompeii Brand, among others. Regarding her work, Rovira commented, “Working with [these brands] on a regular basis allows me to improve and try new things with each video. I love capturing what’s going on around me.”

With industrial designer Estel Alcaraz, Rovira has acted as her, “right-hand person,” as quoted by Alcaraz, since the beginning of Alcaraz’s career. “Cristina is a part of my team. I was lucky enough to know her when we were both starting our professional careers and we helped each other as much as we could. She works with me on every project I start. She’s exceptionally sensitive to detail and puts my ideas on paper or on video. Either way, she always gets what I want because she has the ability to capture the emotion and passion that I put into my products through her work.”

The pair worked closely with one another on one of Alcaraz’s most important projects, The Sardines Boots. The Sardines Boots are bright yellow, light, flexible rain boots that are designed to easily fold and compress to a backpack size. With the motto, “Don’t let wet socks give you cold feet,” the campaign was published worldwide.

“Cristina knows how to showcase the essence of my products and it was great to be known inside the world of industrial design with her work, as she is one of the people who believed in me from the very beginning,” Alcaraz said. “Working with Cristina is great because she always wants to go one step further and is always thinking about starting new projects. Sometimes, she even encourages me to design so that can she make a new video. She has this contagious positive energy that makes you believe that you can make everything come true.”

Rovira has also applied her profound camera skills for a TV commercial with professional Spanish footballer, Andres Iniesta. “I showed my footage and pictures to the director of that shoot and his reaction was priceless. He liked how I captured moments that he didn’t realize happened, and commented that the composition of my work was extremely beautiful.”

Jordi Egea, owner of the Spanish production company Smilefilms, directed the commercial shoot. Previously, Egea and Rovira have collaborated on several projects with the brand Dormity. Regarding Rovira’s sought-after skills, Egea said, “We hire her because she is great at doing her work, she gives you what you and your client ask for, and goes above and beyond what is needed of her. She understands her clients and what they want and captures the essence of every brand while still maintaining her personal style. Plus, people feel comfortable around her, and that’s key when you work with people who are not necessarily used to being in front of a camera.”

Check out Cristina’s photography and videography here:

Fashion Director Kirsten Reader Teams Up With Suits Star Patrick J Adams

Archibald Spring 2015 cover styled by Kirsten Reader

Sometimes, the greatest success can come from stepping outside of your comfort zone. Leaving what you know and experimenting with new things can lead to the extraordinary. This is what happened with wardrobe stylist and fashion director Kirsten Reader when she embarked on a journey to create Archibald Magazine’s spring 2015 cover.

Reader left her home in Toronto to shoot in Los Angeles. Not only was this her first time shooting in LA, it was her first time shooting in the United States. On top of this, Reader had to not just be in charge of fashion, she was also the fashion editor, creative director, wardrobe stylist and groomer.

“This was my second issue as Fashion Editor for the men’s fashion publication, Archibald,” said Reader. “I wanted to do something to really show what the publication could do and achieve given not only was it my second issue, it was also the second issue for the publication as a whole. I wanted to truly push myself and do a shoot in LA and also create content for the publication that showed being a new publication we could compete with the best men’s publications. This was a personal challenge to see what I could achieve.”

Reader decided to reach out to her former schoolmate Patrick J Adams to see if he would be interested in being featured in the shoot. Adams, a SAG-Award nominated actor well-known for playing the lead role of Mike Ross in the critically acclaimed television series Suits, jumped on board, along with the photographer Vanessa Heins.

“Vanessa was actually going to be there, and had been trying to get a shoot with Patrick so it was a project that was just meant to be,” said Reader.

The shoot was just Reader, Adams, and Heins, and took place in Los Angeles with a lot of it in Silver Lake and around the LA River.

“Once in LA we just location scouted and ended up shooting the whole concept fairly guerrilla style,” Reader described.

The threesome of Reader, Adams, and Heins worked extremely well together, and were able to create a successful feature for the magazine.

“It was great to work with Patrick as we hadn’t worked together since drama class back in high school,” said Reader. “To have Vanessa on board and her to have a relationship with Patrick already made the whole atmosphere of the shoot relaxed and enjoyable, really allowing us to have fun with the process and create some great images that showcased Patrick in a way that hadn’t been shown prior.”

Adams agrees, and attributes Reader’s talents as the reason the magazine sold over 50,000 copies in Toronto and received over 1.3 million views online.

“This extraordinary success would not have been possible without Kirsten’s prowess,” he said. “She successfully represented me as an actor and an artist.”

Adams describes the collaboration as “nearly flawless”.

“Kirsten always kept a laid back atmosphere for the shoot while directing the overall project and styling,” he continued. “She is widely recognized for her contribution in Canadian fashion, especially within Toronto, and is listed as one of the most recognized stylists in the world.”

Despite having to overcome some difficulties initially, Reader describes the shoot as a learning experience.

“There were numerous challenges for the shoot like not having an assistant,” she said. “I definitely learned by doing.”

Reader acknowledges that she was lucky to be able to reach the talents of Adams and Heins at the click of a button.

“I was lucky enough to go to high school with some incredibly talented people who have made an impression in LA,” described Reader. “Patrick was one of them and I took the chance and reached out. Vanessa has been a great friend and work colleague who I always feel privileged to work with. Her talent behind the lens is one that inspires me to be better on every project.”

All in all, the experience was a great one for Reader.

“The whole day was a so much fun and even though I was wearing many hats for the project we had fun just trying out the concepts we had loosely brainstormed,” said Reader.

She even got to discover some natural talent that was hidden before.

“My favorite part was probably the motorcycle shot. We actually shot it with my driving across the LA River Bridge keeping pace with Patrick on his motorcycle and Vanessa leaning out the window to shoot,” she said. “Apparently I make an excellent pace car driver as well.”

pat 1
Patrick Adams styled by Kirsten Reader featured in Archibald Magazine

Catherinelle Campaign Combines High-End Apparel and Accessories with model Axel Swan Maldini

Axel Swan Maldini modeling Catherinelle handbags


Axel Swan Maldini, a 23-year old model from the U.K., brought his world-class modeling talents to a campaign for the highly prestigious Italian handbag company, Catherinelle.

The campaigned was photographed by esteemed photographer Settimio Benedusi, a fashion photographer most known for his work with various companies including Versace, Persol, Ferrari Spumante, Yamamay, Seventy, and Fisco, among others. Benedusi’s work as been featured in publications and magazines such as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Maxim Magazine, Sportsweek, Image Magazine and Digital Photographer, among others.

“The goal of the shoot was to capture multiple generations of a family using rustic, sepia tones influenced by an Eastern European aesthetic,” Benedusi said of the project. “Mr. Maldini’s look is a distinctly striking one.”

Benedusi described Maldini’s gaze in the photographs as vacant, and, “Paired with illustrated arms and [an] ominous stature,” ultimately making him the, “ideal model for this shoot.”

The campaign was shot in Milano. Regarding the location and feel of the project, Maldini explained, “The background had to resemble vintage family portraits of a gypsy family. The idea was sort of family portraits, so the poses were as traditional as possible.”

While the poses of every shoot differ from one another, Maldini said, “When it comes to shooting, I’ve always really tried for the mood of the shoot: the message it has to deliver, as well as the creative process that happens on the other side of the lens.”

For the Catherinelle campaign, Maldini said, “The poses were really natural, and they had to resemble the typical family portraits of the past. There was no particular facial expression, if not the one of a formal family portrait. The shooting was still very spontaneous, even though the team had to go through the mood-board to ensure the outcome was as desired by the designer. The main challenge was to pose without making the picture look too posey.”

Clothes featured in the shoot were from high-end designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Versace. Incorporated into each distinct look were Catherinelle bags.

“The reverence of the shoot is reinforced through the contrast of the models,” Benedusi commented. “Without Mr. Maldini in the campaign, I’m not sure that we would have celebrated the success we have had.”

Maldini has contributed his modeling talents through leading roles for Kon Streetwear, Papercut Magazine, Lui Magazine, Fucking Young! Online’s editorial “Lucha Libre,” the Zeynep Guntas Look Book, Urban Tribe, and Cult Shoes.

“My approach to each job has been very spontaneous, and I’ve always been glad to collaborate with creative people, which is definitely one of the main motivations,” he said. Maldini, a well-rounded model who has reached the peak of the industry, mastered the art of runway modeling and has made appearances through Barcelona Fashion Week and shows by Krizia Robustella.

“In the last twenty-five years,” Benedusi said, “I have worked with every type of creative in the industry. It is with this time as a photographer that I have noted what it takes to succeed in this highly competitive field. Mr. Maldini is an asset to the American and International fashion industry. He is a considerable force within the modeling world, and his continued presence on the runway and in front of the camera will only bolster his standing as a highly demanded model.”

Australian-Based Stylist Cat Sherwin Makes-Up Contestants for ‘The Celebrity Apprentice Australia’ and ‘The Voice’

Cat Sherwin

Australian-based makeup artist and hairstylist, Cat Sherwin, has established herself as an invaluable styling asset to several contestants of the hit television shows “The Celebrity Apprentice Australia” and “The Voice” over a course of multiple seasons.

Originally from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England, Sherwin has been recognized as an accomplished artist in the entertainment industry for over eleven years. Her work as a makeup artist and hairstylist spans numerous platforms, encompassing everything from film and television programs to live, red carpet events. Sherwin has made-up both reoccurring and guest talent appearing on “Sunrise,” “The Morning Show” and “ABC News,” and has obtained a lengthy framework of experience with distinguished networks such as ABC, Foxtel, Channel 7, and Fox Sports.

Sherwin’s involvement with Fremantle’s “The Celebrity Apprentice Australia” began back in 2011 where she worked as a freelancer/contractor on contestants appearing on Season 1 of the series. Based on “NBC: The Apprentice,” “The Celebrity Apprentice Australia” features host and CEO Mark Bouris and a remarkable cast of celebrities, all competing for their favorite charities.

“Working on a show that is being produced for the benefit of charities is enormously fulfilling, as you really feel that everyone is ultimately working together as a team, from celebrities through to production, to produce something that has a real tangible result and that makes a difference,” Sherwin said.

In addition to Season 1, Sherwin has also been a part of Seasons 2 and 3 of “The Celebrity Apprentice Australia,” working various episodes and with a wide range of contestants as well as other stylists. Regarding all involved, Sherwin commented, “[It was] great meeting so many different people and personalities from different backgrounds. There was a great sense of team spirit when working alongside other makeup artists.”

Behind the scenes, the show was known for its spontaneity, resulting in extremely early call times and frequent, last minute scheduling changes. Call times and locations for the following day were often not released until quite late at night the evening before, however for Sherwin this regimen, “Felt exciting. [She] felt part of the celebrities’ adventure.”

Over the span of these three seasons, Sherwin styled a number of famed celebrities. Some of the participators Sherwin worked with in Season 1, consisted of Jesinta Campbell (Miss Universe Australia 2010), former competition swimmer Lisa Curry, Didier Cohen (“America’s Next Top Model”), celebrity publicist Max Markson, and Australian politician Pauline Hanson. For the duration of Season 2, Sherwin had the pleasure of styling professional boxer and water skiing champion Lauryn Eagle, Charlotte Dawson (“America’s Next Top Model”), former football player Jason Akermanis, Nathan Joliffe (“The Amazing Race Australia”), comic Vince Sorrenti, and David Hasselhoff (“Knight Rider” and “Baywatch”), to name a few. Starring on Season 3 of “The Celebrity Apprentice Australia,” Sherwin correspondingly worked with Kym Johnson (“Good Morning America,” “Dancing with the Stars” and “Entertainment Tonight”), Prue MacSween (“Weekend Sunrise” and “Australia’s Next Top Model”), competitive swimmer Stephanie Rice, Rob Mills (“Australian Idol”), and musician Brian Mannix, among others.

“The Celebrity Apprentice Australia” contains a segment of the show called ‘the boardroom,’ where meetings among candidates take place in a series of what usually consists of three stages. In the boardroom, the host and his advisors debrief the contestants, who are separated into teams, the winning team ultimately prized with a reward while the losing team endures an elimination.

When asked to detail some of her favorite memories thus far, Sherwin answered, “Getting the contestants ready for the boardroom as the show progressed. Everyone got closer as time went on, and you really felt his or her crusade and tension and wanted them all to win. You really felt like you were living and breathing the excitement and anticipation with them.”

Regarding her styling techniques in specific when it came to readying the stars for the boardroom, Sherwin explained that, “The looks were much more glamorous.” In one of the episodes, Eagle had a 1950’s-inspired waved hair look. “Ensuring the celebrity looked fabulous and felt confident was really important in helping someone get ready to state their case,” Sherwin stated.

Due to many different challenges within the competitive program that required completion, the show often moved locations, allowing Sherwin the opportunity to create distinctive styles and looks. Furthermore, on challenge days, she had to, “Consider environments, locations and weather when creating a look to ensure that said look would look real and simple and hold up during a long day, whilst not hindering the celebrity and at the same time, making them feel great,” said Sherwin.

Similar to her work with a diverse group of celebs on “Celebrity Apprentice Australia,” Sherwin has provided makeup artistry and hair styling for an innumerable amount of competitors on Shine’s award winning series “The Voice,” an Australian reality show based on the original Dutch talent singing competition. During Sherwin’s tenure, “The Voice” was hosted by Darren McMullen. The show contains a structure of three competitive phases: blind auditions, battle rounds and live performance shows, where the ultimate winner receives a recording contract with Universal Music.

“It was really exciting to be part of an artists’ journey in pursuing their dream,” Sherwin said. “As the show progressed, how we styled them according to themed weeks and alongside wardrobe directly affected the overall appearance of how the public saw the artist.”

The different rounds allowed Sherwin to really showcase her unique talents as a makeup artist and hairstylist. “It was fabulous to be able to create some really adventurous and eye catching looks. As a performer, you need to stand out on stage, so the makeup can be much bolder and braver [on “The Voice”] than say a lifestyle commercial. Often on commercials and television you have to create something within a set of quite tight parameters. “The Voice” felt much freer and unrestricted, with opportunity to be really creative and incorporate the latest fashion looks into someone’s personality and style on stage,” Sherwin noted.

With television being such the visual medium that it is, while each singer ultimate stood out based on his or her vocal talent, the intricate work of the entire creative process mattered. Observing this process, Sherwin said, “Everything from staging, lighting and costumes to hair and makeup really helps add the XXX wow factor.” While the work of a stylist can tie together a performance, effectively bringing all of the pieces of the process together is what, “Ultimately will help a new star shine,” said Sherwin.

At times, styling was a team effort. On a number of occasions, Sherwin styled “The Voice” Season 1 winner Karise Eden and Finalist Darren Percival, among others. “It was great seeing Karise’s confidence build throughout the show,” Sherwin said. “All artists started with their own look, which was often quite low key. We worked to build and evolve this into something with more mega wattage, whilst also retaining their own sense of unique style. As confidence flourished, so did the style – it was beautiful to watch.”

Much alike the boardroom of “The Celebrity Apprentice Australia,” Sherwin fondly remembered styling contestants for the final battle rounds of “The Voice.” The battle rounds are considered the second stage of the competition, where coaches instruct two of their teammates to battle one another by way of singing the same song simultaneously.

“There was so much energy and excitement around them [the battle rounds]. Nobody had anticipated quite how much the first season would take off in Australia and all the excitement around it. It was really quite electric,” Sherwin reminisced.

Moreover, Sherwin recalled witnessing moments of impromptu singing from talent. “I remember watching one of the judge’s coaching sessions with Delta Goodrem, and hearing her burst out spontaneously into song, with no background music, no aid. It was really beautiful – she has such an amazing talent, to hear her voice in the raw was breathtaking,” said Sherwin.

After her miraculous work on “The Voice,” contestants continued to book Sherwin separately for private gigs. Sherwin stated, “Contestant Emma Pask booked me privately on a number of occasions for gigs. I made her up for an outdoor Toronga Zoo Christmas concert. The setting was breathtaking with the Sydney Bridge and Opera House in the background.”

When it comes down to styling contestants for such high profile shows where the pressure always seems to be on, Sherwin insisted that, “Hard work and creativity are important, and so is pulling in the latest fashion looks into something that complements the outfit.” However, the key factor in it all, is creating a look that is, “Wearable by the artist and will make them feel confident.”

There are multiple steps involved in the complex process that Sherwin takes in order to ensure that all of the contestants she works with, “look and feel fabulous, and ready for action,” commented Sherwin.

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From Commercials to International Ad Campaigns, Model Vlada Verevko Is a Knock Out!


When the average person thinks of modeling, images and ideas that usually come to mind revolve around fashion, travel and gorgeously, slender women. The modeling industry is highly competitive and highly selective, with strict guidelines such as height (5’8” to 5”11”), weight (90 to 120 lbs) and age (16-21) being factored in just for a young hopeful to be considered. Education and personality are only secondary in this aesthetically driven industry, and with 99% of the focus being centered on beauty, it’s no wonder that most perceive models as unintelligent. However, Vlada Verevko is the exception to this rule. She’s a prime example that a model can have both brains and beauty.

Vlada Verevko is not your run-of-the-mill model. In fact modeling was never a consideration for this Russian born beauty, at least not originally.

“I didn’t exactly choose modeling. Modeling chose me. I was always skeptical about it as a career and for that reason for the first few years I was only doing it part-time while getting my degree,” says Verevko.

Obtaining a psychology degree was always Verevko’s number one priority, and she stayed the path until her degree was completed before actually giving her all to the modeling world. As a travel-lover, modeling has given Verevko the opportunity to explore the world on a scale that psychology research never could.

The modeling industry first took notice of Verevko back in 2002 when she won the Miss European beauty pageant in Russia, which led her to sign with Ultima Models, one of Moscow’s leading modeling agencies, subsequently after.

Since that fateful encounter nearly 14 years ago, Verevko has certainly made a name for herself in the industry as the face of an illustrious list of international ad campaigns, as well as a featured model in national television commercials. For the past six years Verevko has been represented by Elite Models, the same agency that’s helped household names such as supermodels Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bundchen, Tyra Banks, and Adriana Lima skyrocket to international success.

Standing at 5’8″, Verevko’s height barely made the cut for the runway, considering that most female runway models are around 5’11”, but whatever she lacks in height she makes up for in other areas.

Despite such limitations, she has strutted down the catwalk for big name designers like Louis Vuitton, Betsey Johnson, Nine West, Agent Provocateur, and L’Oreal, proving that she can captivate an audience in a designer’s new line better than anyone.

It’s as a print model however, where Verevko has clearly set herself apart from the masses. Verevko’s natural and mesmerizing beauty has garnered her much attention as a leading face in the makeup industry through her work for companies such as Sephora, Sally Hanson, Dermaglow, Elizabeth Arden, and many other iconic brands.

Aside from Verevko’s intelligence and energetic personality, her versatility in front of the camera has been a driving force in her career. She prides herself on her chameleon-like ability to adapt and transform into whatever character a shoot calls for. Her work in front of the camera ranges from sporty to classy, and fierce to seductive.

“In front of the camera I feel comfortable doing things that I probably wouldn’t do in real life,” she adds. This approach has earned her a number of editorial spreads in high-profile magazines such as Vogue UK, Kismet, Elevate, Clin D’oeil and T&M magazine.

Recently Verevko has shifted gears and has been working steadily on TV commercials for Herbal Essence, Venus, Mr. Clean and Quaker Oats. Her look has also landed her a plethora of roles in television and film productions, appearing on television shows over the years such as USA Network’s “Suits,” The CW’s “Beauty and the Beat,” Fox’s “The Listener” and “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” as well as the films “A Beautiful Side,” “Hacker,” “White Blossoms” and “Kalore.”