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A Perfect Storm: Alexia Bergamin Seizes Entertainment Industry


Argentine actress Alexia Bergamin is captivating the world of entertainment, as she continues to star in films, television shows, and hit music videos.

In just the first half of 2015, Alexia has seized leading roles in the film, Think Before You Drink, as well as in Zedd’s international hit EDM music video, I Want You To Know.

Alexia portrays a harrowing scenario that happens to far too many young women in the film Think Before You Drink. While out on a date, her character, Melanie, learns the hard lesson of why alcohol and new relationships don’t mix.

In I Want You to Know, Alexia is featured dancing alongside singer Selena Gomez in the music video for the electronic dance music artist Zedd’s first hit single from the True Colors studio album. The music video for I Want You to Know has reached more than 61 million views on YouTube in the first two months of its release.

Alexia also developed her expertise with acting in the music industry when she appeared in the music video The Night is Still Young with female rap artist Nicki Minaj. This music video has also reached an extraordinary amount of views on YouTube, totaling at more than 43 million in first three months of its release.

Returning to her experience in film, the 2014 production It Takes a Village demonstrated Alexia’s wide range as an actor. The film followed Alex and Lindsay, best friends who have joined into a commune lifestyle together. When Lindsay learns she is pregnant, however, she reaches out to Alex for help in making the decision of whether or not to remain in the village.

Along with her work in film and music videos, Alexia has also made an impression on television, turning heads as Kalu in the hit series, Aliados. Since 2013, the television series has reached worldwide acclaim, and has been broadcast to more than 18 countries on the Fox Network.

In just two seasons, Aliados has been nominated for many awards, and won the Martin Fierro Award for “Best Teen TV Show” and the Kids Choice Argentina Award for “Best National TV Show”.

Alexia is currently in talks with a major film studio about accepting the leading role in the upcoming picture Sophia. She will be also filming the pilot of the comedy series, Mark or Mike? We eagerly anticipate more to come from Alexia Bergamin as the year continues.