About Us

International Film Review was founded in the summer of 2015 when a group of film loving journalists joined forces with the simple goal of shining a light on the incredible stories being brought to the screen by productions around the globe. We are passionate about stories that are visually engaging and filled with poignant messages that touch us emotionally and effect the way see the world. Since IFR’s inception, we have grown exponentially and have since extended our coverage to include interviews with individuals across every department involved in a film and television production in order to give our readers keen insight into what their job entails, and what it takes to get there. As both our readership and pool of regular contributors have grown over the years, so has our range of topics, which now includes fashion, music, art, advertising and basically any profession driven by creativity and innovation. We are always looking for exciting content about professionals in the entertainment industry who have interesting success stories, as well as stories that focus on new film and television productions taking place across the world. To pitch a story or give us a tip on something you think we should cover please email Lgreenbaulm@gmail.com


International Entertainment, and the Talents that Leave us Buzzing….

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