Rose Wardle on new series ‘Auditions’, blockbuster franchises and more

Critically acclaimed actress Rose Wardle, known to British audiences for her work in ‘Shortflix’ and much-loved film ‘Mr Alan on Saturday’, is the first to let anyone know that she’s not swayed by the glitz and glamour of her industry.

Such is the commitment to her craft that the Oxford native recently worked with one of the stars of ‘Harry Potter’ spinoff franchise, one of the most expensive (and financially successful) British film franchises in recent years, yet didn’t bat an eyelid when asked about the experience. 

“It doesn’t really matter who’s done what – I think any director ultimately just cares about what’s happening in that scene, in that story, at that particular moment,” Wardle states humbly.

Wardle’s memorable starring turn in a slew of series, including ‘Auditions’ and ‘Through the Bone’, sees the stage veteran appear alongside a whos-who of British heavyweights, including Simon Wan. 

Mr Wan is well-known to TV lovers everywhere for his role in acclaimed series ‘Peaky Blinders’ and, of course, his scene-stealing appearance in the ‘Fantastic Beasts- Harry Potter’ spin-off blockbuster franchise.  

What interested the entire cast and crew however, Wardle explains, was the story and its empathetic exploration into relationships and the issues they force any individual to confront, both with others and within themselves. 

The story follows Maeve and John who are involved in a love affair of sorts. John has been married throughout their ‘relationship’, and the audience meets them at the point where his marriage has ended. 

Maeve is faced with the realisation that whilst she’s enjoyed playing a mistress role, she hasn’t really had a say in the idea of it being a ‘forever’ relationship. With this, Maeve has concealed parts of herself from John, including a chronic illness which affects her on a daily basis. 

The heavy subject matter may have frightened any actor, but Wardle took on the story as an artistic and emotional challenge which, she says, enriched her in many ways. Wardle’s performance itself, to any critic, is undoubtedly an artistic accomplishment worth noting. 

“Historically, chronic pain and invisible illnesses have been depicted incorrectly, in both TV and film. It felt both challenging and rewarding to be a part of a project that gives a more honest portrayal of the daily issues sufferers tend to face,” she explains.

The series no doubt will continue to attract even greater attention from international audiences and streaming lovers when Wan’s starring turn opposite Oscar-winner Mel Gibson in Lionsgate series ‘The Continental’ debuts internationally in 2022. 

The credence of each cast member’s productions only further reinforces the pinnacle at which Wardle currently finds herself, blessed with opportunities left-right-and center. That being said, for this trained actress, there’s no fundamental difference between the projects she’s busy shooting now and the short films she made while at drama school. 

“There’s no difference in the role preparation and filming other than the scale of the production itself, and it’s such a gradual and long journey as an actor, so we all just take it day by day.”

This humble attitude no doubt served Wardle well in the popular series, ‘Auditions’, co-starring British actress and household name, Jessica Plummer and award-winning actress, Letitia Hector. 

Wardle (left) filming ‘Auditions’ with Jessica Plummer (right).

“Auditions was super fun because the director, Sheridan De Myers, gave me a lot of space to play around with the character & ultimately make her as bizarre as possible!” exclaimed Wardle.

Rose stars as Belinda, who has to deal with the effect her success has on her housemate, Amy, whilst they both compete to land acting gigs. Without Wardle and Plummer’s excellent onscreen chemistry, any viewer could safely say that the show wouldn’t have been as hilarious.

It’s clear that Wardle’s character broadly builds out the dynamic story of the project and its artistic tone, based on both Wardle’s refined acting skills and life experiences. 

When pressed, one UK film professional said quite simply, “It’s a piece centered on the film industry, within a specific culture, and Rose’s performance was integral to the sale and distribution of the project as a whole.” 

Rose in hilarious character-mode filming ‘Auditions.’

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