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Spanish Fashion Designer Patricia Luke Goes Global with LUKEWILD!

Patricia Luke
Fashion Designer Patricia Luke

In 2013 Spanish fashion designer Patricia Luke, the owner and founder of the fashion label LUKEWILD , unveiled the Beconfi Collection featuring comfortable, stylish and unique hoodies and t-shirts inspired by the surf lifestyle. Made for the Fall/Winter season, LUKEWILD ’s first collection received quite a bit of attention for it’s simple, easy to wear style and incredible fabrics; but few could have predicted the way the brand would progress in the following seasons from the first reveal.

Patricia admits, “Everything started with a collection of comfortable hoodies and tshirts just because in the beginning the brand was very focused on the sea and surf. Then I started developing my skills so, coming into my own, and began designing more things that made LUKEWILD deeper, more pure and powerful.”

While the Beconfi collection was an important milestone for Patricia as a designer, it was LUKEWILD ’s self-titled SS 2015 collection presented in Marbella, Spain at the “Palacio de Congresos de Marbella,” where all of the city’s major events are held, where we really began seeing the label’s progression and Patricia’s skill as a designer. A special swimwear collection featuring flower and leopard prints, as well as a series of dresses and jumpsuits in pink, black and red, Patricia Luke says her inspiration for the collection was, “The wildness of the actual woman that works hard to achieve her goals.”

Patricia Luke
Mariana Minie wearing a piece from Patricia Luke’s New York Garden Collection (Photo courtesy of ISO100 Photo Press)

It was her Summer 2015 collection titled The New York Garden though that really put Patricia’s name on people’s lips as a designer to watch. Presented in the 2015 Marbella Crea event during the Starlite Festival hosted by Antonio Banderas, one of the most notable music and art festivals in Spain, Patricia’s collection included a mix of two piece dresses, tops and skirts, designed with bright colors and flower prints. Perfect for a sunset beach party, LUKEWILD ’s The New York Garden Collection debuted in front of a massive audience in Marbella, Spain as was judged in the Marbella Crea Competition. The competition brought together some of Spain’s best designers and included a judges panel of some of the most recognized names within the Spanish fashion industry, such as Jewelry designer Olivia de Borbón, Hola magazine fashion blogger Julián Porras, model Miguel Ortiz Vera, fashion designer Javier Cortés and others.

Patricia’s gorgeous collection, which was selected as the ‘Collection of the Day,’ earned her the award for “Best Young Entrepreneur of 2015” at the festival.

LUKEWILD Patricia Luke
Carla Candia wearing “The New York Garden” Collection for Starlite Festival 2015.

Since founding LUKEWILD, Patricia’s designs have become increasingly popular around the world. The wide range of dresses Patricia has created for LUKEWILD  are jaw-droppingly stunning so it will come as no surprise to anyone who’s seen her work that the label is doing so well internationally. The flowing long lines, sensual materials, and the colors and prints she chooses make the women who wear her dresses look and feel sexy in a way that is timeless and classy.

Patricia says,“I have always been a dress lover. I am very romantic so flowers are almost always on my designs. I enjoy designing unique pieces that are going to make the customer feel sexy, elegant and comfortable. I love to use silk for most of my dresses because I like the way it feels and how it flows.”

LUKEWILD Patricia Luke
Carla Candia wearing the “Raíces” Collection for Starlite Festival 2016.

Patricia, who’s only 30 years old, has already made a recognizable name for herself in the international fashion community. Before fully dedicating herself to her work as a fashion designer many years ago though, she also graduated law school. Even while in law school though, she admits, “My ‘Fashion face’ was always with me, working sublimely and instinctively!”

Over the past few years Patricia has made a huge mark as one of the most recognized Spanish designers in the field of women’s ready to wear dresses. While she’s received quite a bit of praise for her work as the founder and head designer of an astonishingly successful fashion label that continues to grab the attention of store buyers and individual customers with each new collection, she has also been awarded several times for her innovative creativity. In addition to winning the Best Young Entrepreneur Award from the 2015 Marbella Creativity Contest, Patricia Luke has been recognized every year since by one competition for distinct skills as a designer. In 2015 she was selected as the Runner Up in the Best Young Fashion Designers of Eastern Andalusia competition; and in 2016 she earned the coveted Starlite Marbella Award at the Marbella Creativity Contest for her SS 2017 Raices Collection.

Sofía B wearing the “Raíces” Collection for Starlite Festival 2016

Prior to launching LUKEWILD, Patricia assisted the popular NY-based women’s ready to wear fashion line Astier NY, founded by stylist and designer Jackie Asier, whose work has been featured in W Magazine, Tank Amica, Marie Claire, British Vogue, Spanish Vogue and many more high profile magazines.

Patricia, like most creatives, pulls inspiration from a myriad of sources; however, she marks her experiences travelling the world and encountering various cultures over the course of her life as one of the most powerful influencers. Before the age of 25, Patricia was fortunate enough to travel to more countries than most will in a lifetime– and of those, she says “Canada, Italy, Norway, France, UK, Switzerland, Portugal and Germany” have been the most influential in her work as a designer. She adds, “Also France. Obviously Paris and Milan made a big impression on me because of their fashion influence, the people I met and the places I visited there helped me to have a better idea of what fashion means to me.”

It’s easy to see from the captivating designs she’s created for LUKEWILD that Patricia Luke has a keen eye for fashion and a unique creative vision, but beyond that, she knows how to create pieces that appeal to the public, and that is one of the reasons why she has become so successful in the industry. Up next for Patricia and her label LUKEWILD is the 2017 SS Copacabana Collection, which is slated to debut within the next few months. Dedicated to Copacabana Times Square, a place full of history from which Patricia has drawn a great deal of inspiration, the Copacabana Collection has been designed with the idea of tropical swimwear in mind. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming unveiling of the collection; and make sure to check out some of Patricia Luke’s current designs at: https://lukewildmarbella.com/