Actor Konstadinos Lahanas does own stunt work in popular TV show ‘The Disappearance’

Konstadinos Lahanas

Performing has always been Konstadinos Lahanas passion. He feels as if he was meant to be an actor, and audiences around the world could not agree more. His versatility is consistently evident, seamlessly transitioning from dramatic to comedic roles throughout his career. He has emerged as one of Greece’s leading actors, and has no plans on slowing down.

Throughout his career, Lahanas has worked on a series of successful projects, whether it be film, television, commercials, or stage plays. His work in series like Family Stories (Oikogeneiakes Istories), and I Have a Secret (Eho Ena Mystiko), the film The Pilgrim (O Proskinitis), and a popular Yoplait commercial shown all over Europe has made him instantly identifiable. One of his most well-known performances was on the hit television show The Disappearance (I Exafanisi).

“I wanted to work on this hit series for many reasons.  It was considered a big production for Greek standards and something that hadn’t been done before.  The action sequences were one of a kind for this production and the director, Stratos Markidis, had a great reputation for the way he worked on set and he was on the top of my list of directors of whom I wished to work with,” said Lahanas.

The Disappearance was a popular two-season, drama-action television series distributed on Greek Television by Alpha TV. The series was directed by Stratos Markidis, starring with Natalia Dragoumi and Stavros Zalmas. The story describes the life of a happy couple, Fillipos and Alex, who are married for 17 years and have two children. When Fillipos gets promoted, the family decides to celebrate with a journey in Tinisia. In the airport there, Alex sees Mauro for the first time, a mysterious Greek-Italian doctor. After this meeting, the life of this triangle changes dramatically once Alex get lost in a local Bazaar. Then the adventure begins, as Fillipos tries desperately to find Alex in a foreign and hostile country.

“The show involves family matters, which we all hold close to our hearts. The anxiety and turmoil a family is put through when faced with such an incident is heartbreaking. Relationships and bonds within the family are tested in moments like these and often are a make it or break it factor. As humans, we can all relate to this and I feel this is what makes the story important,” said Lahanas.

In The Disappearance, Lahanas plays a young and ambitious police officer, actively participating in the chase of Mauro who had abducted Alex. The requirements of this role were demanding, requiring lots of running and combat skills, as well as successful expression of intense emotions during the scenes. The character is essential in the story development, as the police officer helps to solve the disappearance that the show is based off of.

“What I really liked about working on this project was how physically demanding the role was and how intense the emotions ran through my body, allowing me to commit to my character as needed. All of this allowed me to expand my horizons as an actor. Working on this production was extremely interesting as all the filming was done outdoors, and all the cast and crew were tested by the circumstances we had to work with, heat being a number one factor and of course all the stunts involved,” Lahanas described.

The role of the police officer required a lot of stunt work that Lahanas did himself. The character actively participated in chasing down the main suspect and finally resolving the case with success. This meant Lahanas needed to be trained in combat and stunt driving.

“Working on this production was an amazing experience. Acquiring such skills that I hadn’t had the chance to work on before and really enjoyed doing. There were times were my limits were tested on set as some shots were extremely dangerous and it was up to me to decide whether or not I wanted to take the risk. Being put in this situation helped me shape the character I wanted to portray,” he described.

These shots were risky. While filming one crucial scene in an abandoned house during the night, one of the floorboards where Lahanas was walking suddenly collapsed. Luckily, he was able to grab onto the remaining floor to prevent a serious injury, but he was still hurt. However, he did not let this interfere with his portrayal of the police officer, something that impressed all who he worked with.

“I worked with Konstadinos on The Disappearance and was immediately impressed by him. His acting skills during difficult and demanding action scenes were magnificent. I think that the biggest strengths of Konstadinos are his dedication to the needs of every role and also his ability to improvise,” said co-star Natalia Dragoumi.

Lahanas became a part of this project after the casting agent contacted him. They knew they needed someone talented that could also handle the physical demands of the role. Lahanas was the immediate choice, and once he read the script, he was hooked.

“I was immediately inspired by the high intensity of the role and all the stunts involved in the action sequences. Doing my own stunts was something I always wanted to experience as an actor,” he said.

There is little doubt as to why, with such extraordinary talent, Lahanas is such a successful and acclaimed actor, and audiences can expect to continue to see him on both their big and small screen for years to come.



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