Exclusive Q&A With “Love By Chance” Talent Vishal Arora

“Love By Chance” star Vishal Arora has been appearing in stage plays, music videos and television series’ for several years. Much of Arora’s work has appeared on India’s well-known channel Bindass, a famous youth channel known for programs targeting the country’s younger generation.

Recently, Arora played the character of a Customer Care Executive on one of Bindass’s hit television series titled “Love By Chance.” Just this week, I had the chance to sit down with Arora and discuss the details of his character’s storyline within the episode, all outlined in our exciting interview below.


Currently, you’re living in Los Angeles, California. Where were you born and raised?
VA: I was born and raised in Ambala Cantt, Haryana north part of India. After completing my bachelor’s degree in computers, I moved to Mumbai where I started my acting career. I did theatre in the beginning and began getting work in TV Serials a year after. Since then, for the past four years, I have been working TV, music videos and commercial jobs.

For how many years have you been acting? Where did you initially get your start?
VA: It’s been 5 years now since I started initially. I began with theatre roles and from there began booking commercial projects.

Who and what inspired your acting career early on?
VA: My love of acting stems from my childhood; I love to live different lives, which is possible through this art form. In my school days I performed on stage. Whenever I perform on stage, it gives me a type of freedom we mostly don’t get in real life because of society rules and regulation in addition to rituals in my country. When I act, I’m living my dream. When I was younger, the stage was a great platform to begin with. From there, once you get started professionally, getting work helps you make a name for yourself and your family, which is exciting when you have the whole world watching your work.

“Love By Chance” is an episodic show that airs on Bindass TV where you played the character of a Customer Care Executive. What more can you tell me about the show’s plot? More so, what can you tell me about your character?
VA: It’s a fun filled story about a character named Joshi meeting a character named Ishita one day at work. My character and Joshi work for a glue manufacturing company. He is a door-to-door salesman for this brand glue and I work in the customer care back office called Lo Chipak Gaya where we work together. It is his 31st day at work and he has failed to meet the monthly sales target. He is under great pressure to perform. That’s when he steps out for some hard selling and meets Ishita. As soon as Ishita buys the glue – Joshi asks for a high five. Accidentally, some glue had gotten on to their hands as the glue bottles were faulty and then he calls me for a solution because I am his close friend and always he relies on me to solve his problems. Their hands get glued together and Ishita has a whole day of tasks planned ahead. From being an irritating sales man stuck with her to solving her problems throughout the day, Joshi eventually gets fired, but my character still motivates him while he’s leaving. In the end, Joshi charms his way to Ishita’s heart and they both decide to give a relationship a chance.

How did you initially become connected to the show? Did you have to audition for the role?
VA: I initially got connected through a casting director whom I had auditioned for with some other role. He sent me to this particular role, which was dependent on the character requirements.

What was the audition process like?
VA: Since I auditioned for something else that was also an episodic show, the process was fairly unique. I was given a script to perform and it took 1 hour for the whole process to conclude. Then, after few days, I got a call for “Love By Chance.” I was a bit surprised because I wasn’t expecting it at all.

Who are some of the other actors you collaborated with on “Love By Chance?” What was it like working with them?
VA: Joshi who is played by Rahul Sharma, and Ishita who is played by Huzan Mevawalla. It was fun working with them we had a good time on set. We got to know one another while working together. It was a great experience and we had many fun moments while shooting.

Can you tell me about a favorite memory or experience from the time you spent working on “Love By Chance?”
VA: It was when I was shooting for my particular scene where I had to act over the top like grandma’s do in Indian daily soaps. It was fun for everyone watching me doing that and was good experience for me to be able to play around and act so dramatically.

How would you say that “Love By Chance” allowed you to showcase your talents as an actor?
VA: It is always a good way to explore your skills and showcase your talents whenever I played characters like this the one I played on “Love By Chance.” My character was dramatic and over the top, which is totally different from how I am in my personal life. It gave me a means of showcasing my skills by being totally different from who I am in real life.

What’s next for you in the world of entertainment? What are your future career goals and aspirations?
VA: I am looking forward to working in film and TV in Hollywood because it’s a platform where I can really showcase my skills and also explore the things I’ve always wished to do with my acting. This type of art is unimaginable and everyday I explore something new personally. It’s a process, which can never end; it just gets better by working more everyday. My goals are to just do good work and entertain people with my skills and when I make someone laugh, that gives inspiration that I am doing something unique in life. It makes me feel like I am living for myself.


For more information on Vishal Arora, please visit: vishal-arora.branded.me


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