Nicolas Jung’s Newest Film “The Way” Screening at the Chinese Theatre on Sept. 30

The Way

Creating a successful film is challenging enough, but taking on the role of writer, director and lead actor, that’s a pretty ambition step; but that’s exactly what South African native Nicolas Jung has done with the highly anticipated film “The Way.” Slated to screen at the iconic TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles on Sept. 30, “The Way” revolves around Max (who’s played by Nicolas), a young man trying to cope with the loss of his sister. As the driver of the car that killed her in an accident, the paralyzing guilt Max feels makes moving on seem nearly impossible, but there is a way forward and that is the story “The Way” intends to tell.

The film, which finished production a few weeks ago has already received a positive response. Nicolas says, “I created this project from scratch, from writing the script to acting to directing and helping out with the editing. This was my baby and I am so excited of what is to come of it. When I screened it at Warner Brothers it received an amazing response with teary eyes and an encouraging applause.”

Nicolas, who’s been acting since he was in high school, is known for his impressive emotional capacity when it comes to bringing characters to life; but “The Way” is one project that definitely pushed him to new heights, especially considering he was able to act opposite his actual sister, Marcia Jung, in the film.

Nicolas says, “I hate knowing that someday I will lose my sister or someone so close to me, I, like the character, would also want to reject the thought that the person is no longer living. Max, however, has it worse as he lives with the guilt of killing his sister in a car accident. Nonetheless, it’s a situation that we all have to confront and this story is that journey.”

Known for his performances in a plethora of films, such as Nani Li Yang’s romance “Attraction,” Dulat Zhumagazin (“Welcome!”) crime drama “Warrior of Eclipse,” Daniel Bribiesca’s horror comedy “El Chupacabra,” and the upcoming action film “Bloody Hands,” which already earned the UIFF Trophy Award from the United International Film Festival for its trailer, Nicolas Jung is one actor who doesn’t ever seem to stop working.

Actor Nicolas Jung
Actor Nicolas Jung shot by Bruna Pedro

He recently wrapped production on the upcoming film “The Neighbors” from director and producer Zichen Liu (“The Loop,” “Demon’s Angel,” “My Baby My Enemy,”) a thriller film where he stars alongside Giulia Giovanetti (“Deadly Affair,” “Mistress Jane”) and Alternative Film Festival Award nominee Samuel Whitehill (“Corrupt Crimes,” “Dress Rehearsal”).

In “The Neighbors” Nicolas takes on the starring role of  Morgan, a man who falls in love with his next door neighbor’s daughter, Lilly (played by Giovanetti). After being led to believe that Lilly is being abused by her father, Morgan hatches a plan to help her escape the seemingly dire situation– but not all is as it seems in this story, and the final twist is assured to be one that keeps audiences holding on to their seats.

Nicolas says, “I enjoyed this project because it was about young naive love in addition to being a thriller. It really shows that you never really know a person, and how easily it is to be deceived when you’re blinded by what you think is love.”

For Nicolas, acting is a way of telling powerful stories that need to be told while inspiring and entertaining audiences around the world.

He says, “So many people can be reached through this craft that it’s an essential platform to convey messages and information that can have a positive impact on their daily lives. Typically all the films I work on have some sort of message that I think is worth telling.”

Last year Jung gave a knockout performance in the film “Losing Life,” which did incredibly well on the festival circuit taking home the Diamond Award from the International Independent Film Awards, the awards for Best Actor and Best Director from the Los Angeles Film Awards, the Festival Award from the Festigious International Film Festival, as well as several other awards at Los Angeles Cinefest, Global Shorts Los Angeles and the Top Shorts Monthly Film Festival.

“Losing Life” director Musab Alamri (“Hot Weather,” “Separation”) says,“Nicolas’ raw talent has the ability to bring any character to life, whether they are big or small, he always finds a way to make the character unique to the storyline; he is truly gifted.”

Up next for Nicolas is the feature film “The Truth.” The feature, which is expected to begin filming in the beginning of 2018, actually began as a TV series pilot cowritten by Nicolas.

Nicolas explains, “The concept is great as it touches on racial profiling, something that is quite common in society. Once we completed the filming, it became clear that there was more to the project that we could dive into. After screening the episode we got a good response from the audience, because it touches a topic that not many people discuss.”

In the film Nicolas will take on the starring role of Jake, a suspended FBI agent who hopes to reclaim his position and former prestige by unveiling a non-muslim terrorist group hiding under the guise of Islam.


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