A Star Behind the Scenes: Victoria Marino on Adventurous Filming Around the World.  

Victoria Marino
Production Coordinator Victoria Marino representing Brazilian Production Services at the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival


The rapid pace and apparent dangers of reality competition shows set in the jungle and outback might suggest that productions simply throw contestants into unchartered territories, leaving them to fend for themselves. In actuality, hugely successful shows like “The Wheel” on which Victoria Marino is a production coordinator, require a detailed set of procedures, top-notch crew, and a precise plan of action to coordinate. We sat down with Victoria to discuss the importance of her role, how she got to where she is in her career, and why she loves her position in the entertainment industry.

That Victoria has a diverse skill set is simply one reason why she has provided indispensable contributions to film and television productions, particularly those shows filmed in South America. It helps that the company through which she completes most of her assignments, Figura Media (aka Brazil Production Services), specializes in premium documentaries shot in Brazil and has been responsible for the Netflix hits “Chef’s Table” and “Fearless.”

“Speaking the local language, understanding the work culture, having the local contacts of competent crew, equipment houses, etc, and having knowledge of Brazilian locations is what allows me to do my job,” explains Victoria.

She also tells us that her bilingual skill set definitely sets her apart, explaining, “The fact that I am Brazilian, but have lived in the US for a few years now, speak perfect English and have knowledge of American culture allows me to completely understand the needs of my clients and deliver results up to their expectations or hopefully, surpass them.”

For the survival show “The Wheel,” which airs on the Discovery Channel, Victoria had the critical responsibility of being the production coordinator for two of the Brazilian shooting locations out of the show’s six. Because those two locations were the Amazon Rainforest and the Pantanal certainly would have added obvious challenges, not to mention that Victoria helped lead a team of 40 people employed over a period of three months to make this production happen.

Ultimately though, Victoria enjoyed overcoming such obstacles. “‘The Wheel’ was a project in which I learned a lot because it was so big and so fast paced. I had to be connected with the crew at all times, and be ready to solve any problems as fast and as efficiently as possible.”

Brazil Production Services not only works on reality shows like “The Wheel,” but as Victoria explains, acts for a number of other high-profile companies: “We serve a variety of clients for fiction, institutional and commercial projects, including but not limited to several shoots for the UFC, an institutional photoshoot for Addison Design and PEPSICO, a second unit for a Marvel Disney feature and others.”

That Marvel feature was just one example out of a large number of big-budget projects in which Victoria has played a critical role. She elaborates, “I love that I get to work on a variety of projects that have different a theme, size and scope, and allow me to learn about the many different aspects of producing while adapting to the specific needs of each job.”

It’s not just Victoria who holds the opinion that she played a key part in the success of these projects produced by Brazil Production Services. Jud Franklin, VP of Production at PIV who is also well known in the industry for his executive roles in UFC shows, proudly exclaimed that his team “could not have been happier with the expertise and critical role provided by [Victoria],” adding that they “look forward to [their] continued work with her at [BPS].”

So it’s probably safe to assume that there are more dangerous adventures coming up for this successful globetrotter.

“This year, some of the exciting projects we have coming up are a premium documentary about MMA for Netflix, an episode of the NBC show ‘The Voyager’ with Josh Garcia and the second unit of a Brazilian feature film shooting in Orlando.” She adds, “I am leading new marketing initiatives at BPS to get new Brazilian clients that want to film here in the USA also, since most of our clients are foreign clients that want to film in Brazil.”



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