Actress Tatiana Romao: Driven to Tell Touching Stories

Tatiana Romao
Tatiana Romao shot by Adrian Aguinaga

While many actors are driven to perform by the fame that accompanies the spotlight, Brazilian actress Tatiana Romao is driven by the unceasing need to tell stories that touch audiences on an emotional level.

Over the past two decades Romao has become known for her work in both South America and the United States through her roles in an impressive list of high profile films such as Bruno Costa’s Encantacao aka Enchanted, Benjamin Holk Henriksen’s romantic drama The Elephant Clan, multi-award winning director Giulio Poidomani’s 2012 drama Disruption, Nyon Visions du Réel and Santa Monica Film Festival Award winner Andrea La Mendola’s 2015 film Lips, Nir Paniry’s (Tina Bobina, A Scarecrow Story) film Extraction, which stars Sasha Roiz from the two-time Primetime Emmy nominated series Grimm and was nominated for the Audience Award at the prestigious South by Southwest Film Festival, and many more.

About what drives her to perform, Romao says, “I want the stories I am a part of to be an example to someone else of a reality different than what they know or have, a new perspective on the struggle they might be going through, to inspire, to give hope. To know that I am able to change someone’s life fulfills me in a way that nothing else does. That’s how I want to change people’s lives and that’s the story I want to live behind.”

One of her most touching portrayals to date came in 2014 when she took on the lead role of Diana in the dramatic feature film Simple Being written and Directed Marco Ferrari (Moonscape, Don’t Let Me Go). In the film Romao stars alongside Sol Mason (This Tunnel South, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life), Jasmin Radibratovic (Broken Hill, Misfire), Jeff Adler (Reel Evil, Criminal Minds, Modern Family) and Tony Award winner Paul Sand (Time of Your Life, Joan of Arcadia).

simple being Tatiana Romao
“Simple Being” Film Poster

Revolving around Clive (Mason), a college student who’s spent most of his life feeling like an outcast, Simple Being offers audiences a powerful look into one young man’s experimental journey into experiencing what it means to really have an impediment.

“It has a beautiful lesson and it teaches the world how to respect and appreciate others,” Romao says about the film.

With few friends in his life aside from Diana (Romao), Xécile (Radibratovic) and Aaron (Adler) who live with him, Clive’s overwhelming feeling of disconnection to the world leads him to embark on a three week journey of sensory abstinence– devoting one week each to experience what it’s like to be deaf, blind and mute.  

As Clive’s closest friend in life, Romao gives a knockout performance as Diana, the one person who supports him on the journey to finding himself and his place in the world.

“Diana gives him the idea to do the experiment for 3 weeks… She is the one who is always by his side and guiding him through it all. He needed to learn about life and she wanted him to find his path, to find himself,” explains Romao. “He is judged and somewhat mocked by his family and classmates and Diana is the only one supporting and pushing him to go all the way and finally discover himself in this journey, she is always by his side with a word of incentive.”

Journeying through each impediment, Clive discovers more and more about himself as each week passes. Over the course of the film we watch him go from being uncomfortably disconnected from everything and everyone to pushing the boundaries of his normal ‘comfortable’ life, and ultimately coming to a point where he is able to experience a new reality filled with real connection.

Produced by Hornil Brothers Productions (Missed Call, The Face of an Angel, Trouble Child, 6 Rose Circle), Simple Being did exceptionally well on the film festival circuit taking home the Best Feature Film Award at Italy’s Artelesia Film Festival, the Castell Award from the Barcelona Film Festival, the Jury Special Mention Award at the Detour On The Road Film Festival, as well as the Excellence in Cinematography Award at the Amsterdam Film Festival and an award at the Human District International Film Festival of Human Rights. Simple Being was also chosen as an Official Selection of the ARS Independent Festival, Brasilia International Film Festival, HollyShorts Film Festival, No Glass Film Festival, Canberra International Film Festival and more.

“This is one of those scripts that you just fall in love with straight away. It wasn’t so much about my role or who I was playing, but more about the story that was being told. That is exactly the kind of project that I want to be a part of, that I want my name connected to and that is exactly what inspires me,” admits Romao.

Romao’s performance in the film is so authentic and touching that you’d imagine she actually lived Diana’s life off screen. To those who have seen her work in the film it will come as no surprise as to why the film garnered such praise, and why she has become such a sought after actress on an international level.

Actress Tatiana Romao
Actress Tatiana Romao (left) director Lidia Damatto & production designer Elisa Lopes (right) at the Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival

In 2017 audiences will be able to catch Romao in the upcoming zombie horror film Valentine DayZ, which also stars Carrie Keagan from the hit series Reno 911 and the films The Hangover and Dead 7, and Robert Allen Mukes from the series Westworld and Weeds. She is currently in talks with Valentine DayZ producer Kate Rees Davies (The Girl, The Night Visitor, The Vanished) and director Mark Allen Michaels (Mind Rage, The Fiance) to take on a critical role in one of their upcoming projects, so stay tuned for more information about that!

Davies says, “When I first met Tatiana, I was so impressed with her ability as an actress and her passion. She is a very versatile talent… I look forward to continuing a strong work relationship with her for many years to come. She is already under consideration for many exciting projects such as ‘Babes With Attitude’ to be filmed in 2018 and ‘The Conflagration’ for the year after.”

For Brazilian actress Tatiana Romao, acting is a means of telling stories and touching the lives of viewers around the world; and, while she’s garnered international fame for her work, it is only a side effect of doing what she loves.



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