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The CW Keeps Actor Nathan Mitchell Busy With Several Hit Shows

Nathan Mitchell
Actor Nathan Mitchell


From hit teen shows to action-packed dramas Canadian-born actor Nathan Mitchell has become a recognizable face on some of The CW’s most popular television shows, and it’s no wonder why—the guy’s got a lot of talent.

Over the last decade we’ve watched Mitchell break Lindsey Shaw’s (“Pretty Little Liars,” “Temps”) character Claire Tolchuck’s heart on “Aliens in America,” battle it out with Colton Hayes (“San Andreas,” “Teen Wolf”) aka Arsenal on the DC Comics inspired series “Arrow” and take on polarizing roles on both sides of justice in the series “Tomorrow People” and “iZombie.”

Ironically enough, Mitchell actually got his start on the small screen on The CW series “Aliens in America” where he played the recurring lead role of Jeffrey, an amiable high school jock who’s the on again off again boyfriend of Claire Tolchuck. Over the course of the first season we watch the two go back and forth falling in and out love with that hot and cold style that’s so characteristic of most high school relationships. At first Tolchuck tries to dump Mitchell’s character in an effort to raise her social status and find a more popular beau, but it doesn’t stick.

“Like any sophomore in love, I waited on her lawn and blasted ‘In Your Eyes’ till she came down and gave me a nice PG hug,” recalls Mitchell.

The two make it work for a little while, but like many high school boys, Jeffrey eventually decides he needs more freedom.

Mitchell says, “I decided she was too clingy so I ended it in between classes. Nice and clean. She was crying but I was cool, so whatevs. Playing the character was a blast!”

Nathan Mitchell as Jeffrey in “Aliens in America”

“Aliens in America” couldn’t have been a better jumping off point for Mitchell’s career, as we got to see the actor take his character from being a lovable stud to a nonchalant ass hole. Proving his dynamic talent, Mitchell takes the character from someone we immediately adore and transforms him into one that is easy to hate, making Jeffrey relevant and relatable to the show’s massive teen following.

In stark contrast to Jeffrey on “Aliens in America,” Mitchell went on to play a significantly more vile character on the Joey Award winning series “The Tomorrow People.” In the action-filled sci-fi series a group of young people who possess psionic powers as a result of human evolution are forced to keep their abilities a secret or risk being imprisoned and exploited by Ultra. Mitchell comes into the mix as one of Ultra’s key agents in the first season of the series, and he’s definitely one badass the Tomorrow People do not want on their trail. Comparing how intimidating his character is on “The Tomorrow People” to Jeffrey in “Aliens in America” it’s surprising that they are played by the same actor, from his mannerisms to the way he carries himself, Mitchell is that good at morphing himself into different characters.

Nathan Mitchell in “The Tomorrow People”

One of his most popular CW roles to date though is Isaac Stanzler, the bitter and abandoned protégé of Wildcat on the Leo and Prism Award winning series “Arrow.” In the show’s third season we get to see Mitchell put on his villain’s mask and battle gear and get into a nasty brawl with Arsenal aka Roy Harper in a tell-tale interaction that foreshadows the series’ thickening plot. Mitchell is clearly a force to be reckoned with on screen when it comes to action.

“Isaac’s showdown with Roy was epic… The fighting sequences were off the chart,” says Mitchell.

After Mitchell’s character commits a series of bloody murders in a ploy to frame Wildcat and get revenge for past pain, he encounters Arsenal who puts a stop to it all in an intense battle scene that keeps us on our toes.

Colton Hayes (left) and Nathan Mitchell (right) duking it out on “Arrow”

Mitchell’s most recent spot on The CW was in season 2 of the comedy crime drama “iZombie,” which aired earlier this year. Earning a Teen Choice Award nomination last year, as well as a Joey Award nomination this year, “iZombie” follows Olivia Moore played by Rose McIver (“Masters of Sex,” “Once Upon a Time”), a medical student who, after being turned into a zombie, finds a way to use her unique circumstances to help the police solve crimes around the city.

Mitchell first appears in the series powerful season 2 finale in a crucial role as a law enforcement squad leader who leads his team into the Super Max Rager research facility after a group of young researchers take a pill that turns them into bloodthirsty zombies. We see Mitchell take charge as he dashes through the doors of the building and orders Moore, Detective Babineaux and Major to vacate the building so he can clean up the mess.

Nathan Mitchell in “iZombie”

Audiences will also be able to catch Nathan Mitchell in a recurring role as a mercenary in season 3 of “iZombie,” which is slated to air on The CW in 2017.

From playing the high school stud to an embittered criminal, as well as several roles as dominating characters in positions of power, Mitchell has done a brilliant job of transforming himself to fit whatever the project calls for; and thanks to his unparalleled talent and undeniable good looks, audiences around the world can bet on seeing a whole lote more from the Canadian actor for many years to come.