Model Alice Phillips Dishes on her Go-To Beauty Secrets

UK-based model Alice Phillips has made a huge mark in the fashion and beauty industries on an international level in recent years, due in no small part to her flawless features, such as her perfect lips and gorgeous blonde locks, not to mention her killer body. Alice has been featured in Hello! Magazine, a highly popular publication in the UK, Style Magazine (UK), she also had a six-page spread in 7Hues Magazine, where she looks absolutely stunning. Over the last few years Alice’s versatility as a model has been a major draw for clothing, swimwear and make-up brands such as Goals Boutique, New Yorker’s Apparel, Elizabeth Jane Swimwear, Shopshift, Jessica White Cosmetics, and more.

Model Alice Phillips
Model Alice Phillips for Elizabeth Jane Swimwear

While Alice is only 22-years-old she has a long career ahead of her as a model, which means she needs to keep her hair shining and her skin glowing at all times. And just because her beauty routine is necessary for her to continue booking high profile jobs like she does, that doesn’t mean her beauty secrets can’t be useful for the rest of us as well, because after all, who doesn’t want to look like a model? Prior to becoming the sought after model she is today, Alice spent time as a makeup artist, so if you’re ready to find out about some of her insider tips and personal favorites, make sure to check out our interview below.

Model Alice Phillips
Model Alice Phillips in an editorial for 7Hues Magazine


Describe your look in three words:

AP: Elegant. Sexy. Clean.

What’s your 5-minute routine, your go-to regimen when you’re in a crunch for time?

AP: When I’m in a rush for work, I’ll wake up wash and tone my face, I’ll mix my moisturizer with my foundation, I like to do this a lot as it also makes my foundation lighter for daily use. Then I will use a bold lip stick, so I only have to do a bit of mascara and eyeliner!

Never leave the house without:

AP: My lip liner and lipstick, never ever!

Exercise Routine:

AP: I live next to a hiking path, so i do that 3 to 4 times a week and then I go to the gym in the evening every other day to get my weights in!

What are a few of your beauty essentials?

AP: Sublimage Chanel cleanser is one of my favourites, I have been using that for 3 years now. If I am going for the completely flawless skin look I will use Stila stay all day foundation, this is great but on a day to day it is pretty thick, if you were to use it everyday mix it with moisturizer to lighten it, lastly my Laura Mercier powder is very important as this sets my face and holds everything in place even my eye shadow!

What are some of your skincare secrets?

AP: I think skin care is always hard to have top secrets for as everyone’s skin is so different and we have to be careful as to what we use on our skin! I would definitely go to a dermatologist and get them to review you skin, to show you what will work best with it. Me personally, I like to use a oil free moisturizer with a really hydrating serum underneath, then once a week I use the Sublimage Mask by Chanel to really boost everything!

Do you have any go-to DIY concoctions you use for skin hydration?  

AP: When I use my mask it says to use it for 10 minutes, I leave mine on overnight and then wash my face the following morning, this really intensifies the moisture.

How do you keep your hair shiny and healthy?

AP: Once or twice a week I will use a hair mask overnight with a shower cap on to intensify the treatment. Also I never blow dry my hair, that’s a massive thing that keeps my hair from breaking. Always try to wash it with enough time for your hair to naturally dry! Lastly hair oil, coconut oil is my fav!

As a makeup artist, what are some of the most important things that you learned that everyone should know?

AP: One of the most important things to me is that there is no rule with makeup just because it’s a bronzer or blusher does not mean it can’t be an eye shadow, just because it’s an eyeliner does not mean you can’t use it on your lips! Makeup is so fun, to experiment with all different products and different ways of using them is the best thing you can do! Who knows what different looks you could do!

What’s your favorite go-to makeup look for a night on the town, and how do you achieve it?

AP: My go to would be a smokey eye! Smokey eyes are the easiest to achieve once you know how to do it. I would say always start with a brown or black kohl eyeliner drawing a thicker liner then blend that out with a clean brush, go over with a shadow and keep blending out, until you get a soft smokey look. If you need to make it darker just keep going back over with a shadow.

What’s your usual makeup routine for everyday?

AP: Some days I don’t like to wear anything on my eyes so I will do a nice base, contour, highlight and brows! Thats me done for the most part!

Who are some of your beauty icons?

AP: I don’t have a beauty icon per say but I love people who start something new and make it their own! I will always thank Amy Winehouse for the winged eye liner! I love winged eyeliner!!

Favorite fragrance:

AP: I only wear Chance-Chanel EPD


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