Korean Actor Yohan Lee Shines in the U.S.

Yohan Lee
Actor Yohan Lee

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, actor Yohan Lee is one exuberantly talented, not to mention stunning, Asian actor who’s made quite an impact in the American film industry over the last few years. From his recurring role in the comedy series Raymond & Lane starring Matt Cullen from the series CollegeHumor Originals and Skye of the Damned, to his key roles in films such as Jim Towns’ (House of Bad) 2016 horror film State of Desolation, the crime thriller Runaway Dream, the dramatic comedy Clippings and the historical horror film Comfort Girls, Yohan Lee has created a remarkable reputation for himself as an actor who is able to ease into virtually any genre and breathe life into an impressive range of characters with seamless precision.

Last year Lee took on the starring role of Jay in the award-winning film Trippin’ with the Folks directed by Meghan Weinstein (Terms and Conditions, My Delivery Guy). The film follows Kenny, a stoner artist who finds himself in an awkward situation after taking LSD with his girlfriend and unexpectedly coming face to face with his parents. When Kenny’s parents come into town for an unannounced visit he is forced to try and hide the fact that he is tripping, however things get progressively more tricky when his parents accidentally pop a few MDMA pills from Kenny’s stash.

Trippin' with the Folks
Bobby Reed (left), Kevin Ferris, Yohan Lee, & Carla Wynn (right) in “Trippin’ with the Folks”

In this hilarious comedy film Yohan Lee’s character Jay comes onto the scene as Kenny’s lovable roommate, an integral character in the story. Kenny’s only saving grace in the face of his parents, Jay goes out of his way to entertain the folks at dinner and keep the conversation flowing in order to deter them from noticing their son’s peculiar behaviour.

Trippin’ with the Folks did incredibly well on the film festival circuit taking home the Best Narrative Film Award from the CannaBus Culture Film Festival, the third place award at the New York City Cannabis Film Festival and screening as an Official Selection at the Portland Comedy Film Festival, the Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival, Ha! Fest, Cinebis Film Festival and more. In Trippin’ with the Folks Lee stars alongside Chrissy Conway (The O.C., Reno 911), Kevin Ferris (Six Degrees of Everything), Bobby Reed (2 Broke Girls, Parenthood) and award-winning actress Paula Soveral (Celia, The Petal Pushers, Amor Secreto).

trippin with the folks
“Trippin’ with the Folks” film poster

Proving his versatility in terms of genre and the characters he takes on, last year Lee also starred in the horror film Dollz from director Rob Lee. In the film Lee gave a knockout performance in the lead role of Min, a Korean actor who moves to the U.S. with his girlfriend Yuni to pursue an acting career. After renting a space in a low-budget apartment that’s seems too good to be true, Min hits the pavement going on audition after audition.

About playing Min, Yohan Lee explains, “My character is very selfish, I had to be the meanest boyfriend ever… I moved to the U.S. with my girlfriend but I’m ready to abandon her at any time if I can succeed…Min is the complete opposite of me so it was a great experience for me to play that kind of character.”

Dead set on pursuing his dream of being a big star in America, Lee’s character Min might be ready to abandon his girlfriend, but making it big in Hollywood is not in the cards for him as things take an unexpected turn for the worse. When Yuni, who spends most of her time at home alone, finds a mysterious doll hidden in a cabinet within the house a malicious ghost with a vengeance is released, and the aftermath is not pretty.

In the film Dollz Lee stars alongside multi-award winning actor Klement Tinaj from the Golden Globe Award nominated film Furious 7 and WEAPONiZED starring Tom Sizemore (Natural Born Killers), Summer Rose Ly from the film 6 Love Stories, which earned multiple awards at the Williamsburg Independent Film Festival, and Natalie K. Grace from the 2017 film Cross Wars starring Danny Trejo (Machete) and Brian Austin Green (Beverly Hills 90210, Anger Management).

One of the unique aspects of the film Dollz that, aside from his unparalleled talent, made Yohan Lee the perfect actor to take on the starring role of Min in the film, was the fact that the film’s director intended to make the film in both English and Korean.

Dolllz director Rob Lee explains, “I would not have been able to make this film without Yohan. Every crew was amazed by how hard he worked on set. And also hi fluency in both Korean and English… He had to do every single scene in different languages but he always brought a great performance.”

In addition to the films Trippin’ with the Folks and Dollz, actor Yohan Lee also recently wrapped production on T.J. Choi’s (Quicksand, Palpitations) thriller film Plight of the Korean Mother with Greena Park (The Devil, Lunch Special, Lawyers), the dramatic action film Untamed with Leann Van Mol (My Crazy Ex, It’s Dark Here) and the upcoming sci-fi series Black Dossier with Laura Owens (Rizzoli & Isles) and Ryan Groves (Westworld, Dominion).




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