Photographer Alejandra Sierra brings artistry to everything she shoots

For as long as Alejandra Sierra can remember, she has always been holding a camera in her hands. There was never a moment of doubt about what she wanted to do with her life; she always knew that photography would make her happy. But what makes her luckier than most is that not only does she love what she does, she is extraordinarily good at it.

While being recognized around the world for her talents as a photographer, Sierra has seen tremendous success. She has over 22 thousand followers on Instagram, and her first individual exhibition, “Metalmorphosis” went on to be featured in the leading contemporary art museum, MURA, in her hometown of Guadalajara, Mexico. Her photographs have been seen by hundreds of thousands of readers of various Mexican magazines, and contributed to making the magazine Cream the success it is today. This trend continues in regards to her work with national companies.

“I love photography and I really enjoy product shots, and shooting for national companies allows me to do both,” said Sierra.

Sierra’s work has helped boost many corporations such as La Tequila, Le Garraf, Marisa Pasteleria, Café Barra Café, California Wings and Beer, Cortez, Gaspar, Osaka, Olio Bistro, La Bocha, Ambiderm, Marianka, and Kuu, to name only a few. She was instrumental in providing them with widespread social media exposure, as well as drawing in a growth in sales.

“It makes me really proud to have such big enterprises to like my work, know about it and want their products shot by me,” she said.

One of her more substantial jobs was for the restaurant De La Rosa, and Sierra helped the company revamp their image with her work. For Sierra, the chance to work with a company that gives so many jobs to the people in her country was invaluable.

“It was a humbling experience to know that I was responsible for the pictures of this iconic brand. I shot products I grew up buying as a kid and then portrayed what they represent through a picture,” said Sierra.

Rocío Gómez Michel, the Marketing Manager for De la Rosa, was extremely impressed with Sierra’s work with her brand. She attributes Sierra’s work to the success of the restaurant’s social media, allowing for consumers to feel closer to the brand they grew up with, and they saw a sizable increase in sales as a direct result from Sierra’s photos.

“Given my history as a brand analyst, I know the importance of a good photographer in campaigning and branding an organization. Alejandra’s experience as a photographer, as well as her achievements through her career made her a clear choice to help in the continued success of De la Rosa. Her expertise is an invaluable asset toward the overall success and growth of any organization she becomes involved with, and I can confirm from personal experience that she is largely responsible for much of the success,” said Michel.

Sierra’s work has impacted not only the sales of companies, but also the awareness of many social cause organizations across Mexico. She uses her art to help improve the lives of others in her native country, something that is not only rewarding, but important.

“Telling a story, bringing a cause to life, being able to make a difference is one of the best feelings in the world,” said Sierra. “It makes me really proud. I feel useful and that I´m making a difference through my passion and career. Being able to help doing what I love the most is amazing.”

Of the various social causes she has helped, what was perhaps the most substantial was Sierra’s work with Mi Gran Esperanza (MGE), a widely renowned association dedicated to the eradication and treatment of cancer. Mi Gran Esperanza is a civil association founded 22 years ago that helps to treat and attempt to cure children with cancer. More than 3,000 children and their families, have been helped by the association, and they are one of the most important associations of our kind in Mexico. Mi Gran Esperanza helps with physical, emotional and spiritual health and recovery of low income patients and their families. Each year, they treat around 400 kids mostly from the western side of our country, helping them to overcome their battles.

“Working with MGE was Bittersweet. It was sad, because you never want kids to get cancer, but being able to know that my work was going to help their lives being a little bit better was great. It was an honor to shoot this brave kids and their families,” said Sierra.

Sierra’s photos were featured in the annual calendar that the organization puts out every year to fundraise and provide as a thank you for their donors. The calendar showcases the patients, the installations, the families and what they do. Estela de la Alba Rulfo the CEO of Mi Gran Esperanza, says that they chose Sierra for this project based on her previous work and reputation as an outstanding photographer.

“Alejandra’s leading role as the photographer for our calendar was instrumental in raising money for our organization, and that we required a top tier photographer to complete this task. After working with Alejandra, I am confident that we made the right choice. Thanks to Alejandra’s preeminent skills as a leading photographer, as well as her patience and ability to complete shoots timely, the people felt comfortable, happy and familiar in each shoot. The results were amazing pictures and a truly beautiful calendar. The closeness was such that Alejandra even became a sponsor for one of the girls she felt the most connected with. This encapsulated the desired tone of the calendar, and showcased the impact that the donations have on many of our patients and families. I am wholly grateful to have worked alongside her throughout this project,” said Rulfo.

The calendar has unparalleled success, and sold nearly 10,000 copies. Because of such tremendous success, MGE presented Sierra with a recognition as a thank you for all the work done and the positive results.

“It was great being able to help them and put a smile on their faces,” said Sierra.

Sierra chose the uplifting theme of gratitude for her photos, and showcased the reflection of this emotion from the families, whose medical expenses are entirely covered by donations. After choosing the theme, she had to coordinate the photo shoots. This resulted in a month of organizing and shooting, and dividing what our services include, what did we do with the donations and how the families were thankful for them. Sierra shot the patients, their families and the events, and was ultimately responsible for the majority of the calendar.

“This project has been one of my most valuable lessons in life. Seeing the kids so positive, so brave, and so happy was really inspiring,” she concluded.


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