Restoring the Excitement of Formula 1 Racing in Canada with Tim Hauraney


By Martin Desouza 

Any high level athlete will attest that the thought of retirement, and not being able to compete in the sport that they love, can be inconsolable. It is an unavoidable conviction for all athletes nearing the end of their career.

Canadian Tim Hauraney is a veteran professional racecar driver who knows this all too well, but is taking an alternative approach to the later stages of his career.

“Ever since I was a child, I wanted to be the fastest, most fearless professional race car driver on the planet. I have dedicated my entire life to accomplishing this feat and I believe that I can play a bigger part in helping others share this passion as well,” he said.

Whereas most professional athletes wait until after retirement to explore other opportunities within the sport that they love, Hauraney has found a way to expand his horizons as a professional, prior to officially retiring as a driver.

Hauraney is on a mission to bring the excitement of racing back to Canadians.

He has found several ways to shoulder this challenge, but none more intriguing than earning a role with TSN, Canada’s leading sports network. Former TSN anchor and racing fan Dan O’Toole was a driving force in leading Hauraney to his role with TSN.

“In the beginning, Dan knew that a transition to sports media would be a challenge for me, but having known me and my passion for racing, he felt I could excel,” Hauraney said.

Thankfully for Tim, and Canadian race fans, O’Toole was right.

“Professional athletes are viewed as people who can easily step behind the microphone, since they have played the game. This could not be further from the truth. Just because you played a sport, does not mean you can accurately discuss it. It’s a very difficult transition to make, and an even more difficult one to excel at. Tim is one of the people that has been able to make the transition, and do it seamlessly,” O’Toole said.

“I’m thankful for Dan helping me realize that TSN’s Formula 1 product could be elevated with my help, and that I could leverage my experiences and leadership towards the program,” Hauraney added.

These days, Hauraney makes a regular appearance on SportsCentre’s television and radio programs discussing Formula 1, and IndyCar racing. He is one of TSN’s leading race analysts responsible for breaking news on Canadian racecar drivers, dissecting racing events, and producing various racing related content.

In addition to acting as TSN’s racing analyst, Hauraney also spends time on-camera starring in commercials for some of the largest car companies in the world.

Rex McDaniel is a colleague of Hauraney’s and has hired him as a product specialist for several automotive jobs over the past 10 years. He called Hauraney a very sought-after spokesperson and cited Hauraney’s leadership as his strongest asset.

“Tim’s leadership, attention to detail, and dedication to his work, make him the best at what he does. We first started working together with Cadillac back in 2006. Now I hire Tim for a number of different auto shows where he represents automotive companies such as Maserati and Ferrari,” said McDaniel.

Considering the fact that Hauraney began fixing automobiles with his father at just ten years of age, to say that he knows an engine inside and out, is an understatement.

“I really enjoy working as a product specialist because I have the opportunity to connect with fellow car enthusiasts and educate them by leveraging my experience and expertise,” he said. “As much as I love providing my own insight, I love hearing what others have to say just as much. Technology is ever evolving and allowing for greater mechanical innovation, so the learning never ends.”

Evidently, Hauraney has found several avenues through which he can impart his wisdom and passion for racing onto others within the racing community. His efforts to do so are beginning to pay dividends.

Since Hauraney took over the TSN spot, the network has had increased ratings on its racing content. His passion and first-hand knowledge of the subject is captivating to viewers.

“I really take pride in my work because I know that there is a large community of race fans in Canada who have supported me in my journey as a driver, and who appreciate my ongoing intention to grow the sport for generations to come,” he concluded. “Leadership is an essential component to any community and I’m determined to provide it wherever I can.”


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