Mary McBain, from on-screen talent to a voice for society

Mary McBain, British actor (as well as comedian, screenwriter and producer) takes her profession above and beyond thanks to the social emphasis with which she directs her career, acting as a voice of feminism in the world of entertainment.

Mary McBain, delivering a speech at BAFTA, championing a cause which has informed her screen work.

The distinguished McBain breaks the mold of mere acting, thanks to her professional background. Undoubtedly, her extensive knowledge of the industry has allowed her to exploit her versatility and talent to other areas with a collective conscience. 

In acclaimed project Spaghetti: Silence Is Not Consent, McBain led her co-stars to a series of impactful screenings. 

Spaghetti attracted some impressive notices and sold-out screenings.

Spaghetti raises awareness about consent in sexual relationships, which denotes the very essence of the comedian, who constantly pays homage to a form of conscious entertainment that very few artists manage to exploit. The project has obvious resonance in a post #MeToo era, allowing McBain to connect with viewers on a deeper and more personal level. 

“I spent a lot of time then talking to men and women who have been on both sides of the consent conversation and felt as though there was a huge need for education on the subject – for both parties,” says McBain. Her concern to raise awareness about consent then led her to participate in one of the projects that would become an unimaginable critical success.

Due to its warm reception from globally esteemed film critics, the production was selected for screening at the British Academy Film Awards, which has been long-recognized as a world leading independent arts charity. The BAFTA awards, has over 8,000 members worldwide who are creatives and professionals working in and making a contribution to the film, television and games industries.

A project as deep as Spaghetti reaches the pinnacle McBain was looking for, reaching out to prominent schools in London to promote sex education to children, and positively impacting society more broadly. 

McBain, again, stands out as a prominent writer and actress, but also as a spokesperson for social causes that place her in an exclusive group in her field. Besides the above, her involvement with young audiences includes other well-reputed productions, such as Penny Sweets.

Penny Sweets, also known as Penny Candy, confirms McBain’s extraordinary performance as an industry professional and an incredible actor. She consolidates an artistic success with such a high level of acclaim that it sells out all the tickets for its performances. Therefore, the play is now available on Amazon and continues to gain favor with viewers all over the world. 

The production strengthened a close working relationship with a group of young people who shared their experiences so that McBain could give them a voice in this acclaimed project. 

“Over a period of three months I organized workshops with the teenagers in the acting company. The response was incredible and very moving. The participation was much greater than we expected and everyone showed immense vulnerability,” says McBain, with a humility often reserved for only the best actors. 

It’s no surprise, then, that the success of Penny Candy has come to generate tour offers for McBain. 

Thus, the expectation for the new projects McBain will be working on increases due to the high standards she has set. Leaving us with a perspective of the industry that runs through a more humanistic vision, it suggests that young people from all around the world will be able to build more critical perspectives due to the strong job of elite screen artists like McBain.

McBain, shot by Wes Klein, possesses an infectious positivity and work ethic.

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