Graphic Artist Vinita Bakhale visualized eerie sets for FOX

Graphic Artist Vinita Bakhale

By Annabelle Lee

As a Graphic Artist for Film and Television, Vinita Bakhale creates the visual and print graphics outlined in the script of a production. By doing so, she takes words on a piece of paper and turns them into tactical believable elements of an environment; she helps design a set by using her technical skills, so it feels like a real and authentic place. She uses her artistic talents to enhance a production, and her design contribution truly takes audiences from their chairs and transports them into a scene.

With experience creating visual graphics: imagery created to envision sets an audience will see and experience, to creating both hero print graphics and background print graphics, Vinita has an impressive resume working on prolific television shows and films. She helped design the graphic visual imagery for sets and print graphics for the now iconic series Riverdale, as well as another comic live-action show, Happy!, where she worked as a Lead Graphic Artist designing the show’s print graphics. She also created visual graphic imagery for an important scene in the Academy-Award nominated film The Big Sick. 

Vinita is also known for her contribution as a Graphic Artist on the hit television series Damien. Damien follows the adult life of Damien Thorn, the mysterious child from the 1976 motion picture The Omen who has grown up seemingly unaware of the satanic forces around him. Haunted by his past, Damien, now a war photographer, must come to terms with his true destiny — that he is the Antichrist. Barbara Hershey stars as Ann Rutledge, the world’s most powerful woman who has been tasked with making sure Damien fulfills his destiny. Omid Abtahi portrays Amani Golkar, a close colleague of Damien’s whose fierce loyalty will be tested when he realizes who his brother-in-arms actually is. Meganlyn Echikunwoke plays Simone Baptiste, a woman whose life is thrown into turmoil when tragedy unexpectedly strikes. Damien was produced by Fox 21 Television for the A&E Network. As a massive fan of horror films, especially of cult classics like ‘The Omen’,  Vinita was immediately interested in joining the project.

DAMIEN (2016) NYPD Police Station Graphic Art by Vinita Bakhale Property of FOX 21 Studios
Damien (2016) “NYPD Police Station” Graphic Art by Vinita Bakhale Property of Fox 21 Studios

“Honestly, each one of the episode scripts were really interesting and well-thought out. Reading a script on Damien was like reading the second last chapter of a thriller novel. Adrenaline is pumping, senses are heightened, and then you’re on the last page of the script. This is when the realization sinks in that you’re going to have to wait a more few weeks to see what happens next because that’s when the next episode’s script will come out! I was very captured by the screenwriting for Damien.” she said.

While working on the show, Vinita was responsible for researching visual references and even helped pick out paint colors and design elements for key sets.  She created the key lookbook for the protagonist, Damien Thorn’s New York loft. She also did this for another protagonist, Simone Baptiste’s Brooklyn apartment.  Another important set of tasks Vinita was given included researching, visualizing and modeling key sets such as Simone’s Apartment, The NYPD Police Station, Ceci’s Manhattan Photography Office, Ann Rutledge’s Office and Shrine Room, and John Lyon’s Office. With each set Vinita modeled, she was charged with bringing to life the Production Designer’s direction based on the Showrunner’s vision. In addition to this, she also helped the production with certain print graphics.

Damien (2016) NYPD Police Station Property of Fox 21 Studios
Damien (2016) “NYPD Police Station” Property of Fox 21 Studios

“I’m a pretty big fan of horror movies, and this opportunity was truly once in a lifetime because I don’t think it had even been done before. You usually only ever see prequel or sequel horror films, where plots are obvious and tend to lack originality. Damien was an amazing sequel and made for a compelling television series, with highly engaging and complex characters whose moral compasses were tested due to powerful satanic forces closing in on them. I was astounded with the Showrunner’s vision and writing on the show.” said Vinita.

Damien (2016) Simone's Apartment Graphic Art by Vinita Bakhale Property of Fox 21 Studios
Damien (2016) “Simone’s Apartment” Graphic Art by Vinita Bakhale Property of Fox 21 Studios

Vinita considers her time spent on the project to be thoroughly enjoyable and she is happy that she was able to contribute to the show by creating the visual imagery that helped aesthetically shape the main sets.  She enjoyed designing on this project, especially because she was able to contribute her technical skills for audiences who love the same genre she does.

Be sure to check out Vinita’s latest work, Freaky Friday The Musical, being released by Disney this summer.

Damien (2016) Simone's Apartment Property of Fox 21 Studios
Damien (2016) “Simone’s Apartment” Property of Fox 21 Studios

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