Inside Scoop: SIC To Begin Production on Two New Projects

Inside Scoop: SIC To Begin Production on Two New Projects

Story by Alex Jack


SIC productions will soon begin production on two new projects, in what sources are describing to our editors as what will be “two vastly different, but both hugely impactful stories.”

The first is the television series “Viral,” a spin on the sci-genre format will blend thriller-drama genres in its story about a group of scientists attempting to save humanity from an alien virus. New Zealand star Sophie Renée will play the lead role of Emma Greene, one of the scientists. Naresh Kumar is playing the supporting lead role of Johnny, and previously worked with SIC productions on the world-renowned short film “Cyberversity”. Kaisania Calubaquib is attached to direct. If the casting of such high-caliber talent as Emma and Kumar wasn’t enough, Calubaquib’s association brings with it even more credence. Calubaquib, who won the  Best Director in NYC Indie Film Awards 2017, Platinum Award Best Short in NYC Indie Film Awards 2017, and the the Grand Jury Prize Best Short in UMFF 2017, is said to be “incredibly excited” at the prospect of working both with SIC and his leading actors.

Acclaimed actor Naresh Kumar in “Cyberversity,” one of SIC’s well-known productions.

Renée, most well known for her role in “The Velvet Hour,” won the Award of Excellence in the 2017 International Freethought Film Festival in Orlando, Florida for her work. She proudly explains that “it was also the first time that I got that I got to use my French language skills in the acting world!” Renée recently worked in a critical role with hugely famous French star Francis Lalanne on a secret project. Via our editors, Sophie proudly added: “I was also lucky enough to be taken under his wing throughout our time together and the emotional support that he gave me is something that I will forever be in his debt for.”

Sophie Renée
Sophie Renée will play Emma Greene in “Viral.”

The second of SIC’s projects due to begin shooting any day now couldn’t be further from the sci-fi genre. “Singled Out,” a feature film that it is said to be in the grittier vein of Bradley Cooper-vehicle “A Place Beyond the Pines” and the Oscar-nominated “Hell or High Water,” instead explores drugs, crime and corruption in the Atlanta Police Department. In the role of James Montgomery, who our editors believe could either be an anti-hero or a traditional protagonist, is UK star Neil Reidman. Reidman, who shares the screen with superstar Nicole Kidman for Etihad’s global advertising campaign, is said to be thrilled at joining such an eminent production. While the exact release date of “Singled Out” hasn’t been identified, SIC have exclusively revealed to us that it will most definitely be in cinemas in 2018, likely in contention for the 2019 awards season. Such strategic release plays at the Oscar-race are frequently looked upon with cynicism, but given SIC’s track-record of highly-regarded films and the Academy’s response to films like “Moonlight,” it’s looking likely that “Singled Out” will be a strong contender.

Neil Reidman
Famed thespian Neil Reidman will play James Montgomery in the feature film, “Singled Out” for SIC Productions.

Reidman, often recognised for his portrayal of Lieutenant Atillo in “Doctor Who,” is currently shooting an undisclosed feature. While the details have to stay under-wraps, it’s understood the project is highly-anticipated and will bring the actor even more fans worldwide. The classically trained actor, who also starred in Laurence Olivier Award winning stage shows on the West End in key roles, including “Big Life,” will go straight from his wrap party to the shoot of “Singled Out.” He also played critical roles in the hugely-successful TV shows “Holby City,” “Doctors” and “Casualty” and is repped by some of the most powerful agents in entertainment.

Dani Bryan, CEO of SIC, has worked with numerous major brands such as Michelob Ultra, AutoTrader, DSW, Lincoln Navigator, and Facebook. The extension of SIC’s line-up with these two projects, and the addition of such-high caliber stars, will undoubtedly allow Bryan to wield more power in the business.


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