Turning Life’s Challenges into Comedy: Comedian Ronen Tverya

Comedian Ronen Tverya
Comedian Ronen Tverya

When it comes to traversing some of life’s most trying and tragic situations, sometimes the quickest way to turn that frown upside down is through comedy. For men and women around the world, attending a good comedy show can be exactly what they need to escape their reality for a little while and press that much needed reset button when things become too overwhelming.

Watching a comedian get up on stage and reveal some of their darkest and most awkward moments with humour, someone like Israeli comic Ronen Tverya, can have a cathartic effect on an audience and give them the boost they need to face their own problems from a renewed, light-hearted perspective.  

The world can be a pretty rough place. Often times what makes good comedy so powerful is the fact that it comes from truth, that’s why audiences are able to relate to it. Some of the best comics have experienced the darker sides of life, and these experiences have fuelled their routines and their jokes, and Ronen Tverya is no exception.

The youngest of three siblings, Ronen grew up in Holon, Israel where his family’s economic situation was not always comfortable. Having parents who immigrated to Israel from Persia back in 1948 where they faced a unique set of circumstances and struggles, provided Ronen with an unconventional upbringing that has lent itself to the brilliant comedy routine he brings to the stage today.

In spite of the challenges Ronen managed to find the bright side of coin from an early age, and today he credits those challenges as integral to the positive and humorous outlook that guides his life and career on stage.  

He says, “Honestly I thank god for the [economic difficulties] because that made me realize a lot of important things in life… like enjoying the small things you have and looking at the glass half full.”

As a child in Israel, Ronen was the one his peers turned for the jokes. It wasn’t until the age of 17 that Ronen finally took his comedy skills to the stage. That fateful night on stage back home in Holon set Ronen off on his rightful path, and he hasn’t turned back since.

He recalls, “It was an amazing feeling performing in front of people, of course it was scary at the beginning but after a few minutes when the adrenaline started floated in my veins. The feeling was incredible.”

Using his own life situations to create comedy routines that center on marriage, divorce, dating, living in America versus Israel and many more topics that pique the interest of audiences, Ronen has a unique way of helping his audience forget about their personal woes.

About what drives his career as a comedian and why he feels it’s important, Ronen explains, “First of all this world is stressful enough with all sorts of issues. I think comedy is a great opportunity for people to forget their problems, change their mood and the most important thing is that the comedian can give the audience a different perspective on certain subjects, some of them are taboos that you can only hear in comedy.”

Early on in his career Ronen was sought after to be a featured comedian on the bill of major comedy showcases across Israel such as the Tzavta Theater “Idea to Performance” show, “The improv show” at Anat Barzilay Academy, Comedians Ltd., and many more. Performing at some of Tel Aviv’s hottest comedy clubs such as Camel Comedy Club and Stand up Factory, his name quickly became synonymous with laughter to comedy fans across the country.

Yoni Lahav, who produced the Tsavata Theatre show, explains “Ronen is an amazing person to work with. He is a very positive and funny guy and he is very professional. I think his drive and motivation keeps him up, when he is on stage he radiates a lot of fun and delivers it to the audience. He is very talented performer.”

Ronen’s ability to bring a smile and a laugh to his audience is not reserved to his fans in Israel alone though. Recently he has been invited to test out his routine at some of the biggest comedy clubs across the states, including NYC’s Greenwich Village Comedy Club, Seattle’s popular Laughs Comedy Club and Comedy Underground, the Improv Comedy Club in Hollywood, San Francisco’s Brainwash café and more. With a unique approach to comedy, an accent that American’s find hilarious, and a diverse range of personal life situations to pull material from, such has his recent divorce, Ronen has also become a hit with comedy fans in the states.


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