How Dreamstreet Entertainment Leads Projects and A-List Talent to the Top

Story by Alex Jack

Usually it’s famous actors who attract press attention for their high-profile relationships or roles in blockbuster films. In the case of Dreamstreet Entertainment however, their unique approach to producing both feature films and TV shows that have achieved terrific levels of success mark it as a production company worthy of media coverage usually reserved for the A-list talent they employ to feature in their projects. The next year, with an innovative TV series and series of films slated for production and release, is set to be Dreamstreet’s biggest one yet.

Central to the success of Dreamstreet is its board of producers and executives, all of whom have an impressive pedigree in filmmaking to support the company’s standing in the entertainment industry. Tony Eldridge produced Denzel Washington’s “The Equalizer”, also starring Oscar-winner Melissa Leo and A-lister Chloë Grace Moretz, and is currently working on the sequel. Bradley Hirou for instance was notably an executive producer on “Roar: The Jaws of the Lion” from Iconoclast Entertainment, while VP Producer Rocky Yost was a writer of “Lilly’s Thorn,” a drama starring Windy Marshall from “Days of Our Lives” and Joseph D. Durbin (“Rangers: Furies”).

Similar to other production companies that are not necessarily tied to any one major studio, like Cross Creek Pictures (“Black Swan,” “Everest”) or A24 (“Room,” “Moonlight”), Dreamstreet Entertainment has a clear focus and uncompromised vision when it comes to its projects: an ethos of maintaining artistic integrity. This principle has given rise to Dreamstreet’s unique catalogue of distinguished narrative content and association with high-profile acting talent. Indeed, they have developed a reputation as a picture-house capable of producing popcorn fare aimed as mass audiences, as well as stories exploring humanity that attract glowing critical reviews.

“So This is Love”, helmed by now executive producer Gloria Morrison, reflected the company’s capacity for telling quirky stories with an edge before it was the norm with shows like “Love” on Netflix. In this way, it’s not untoward calling Dreamstreet a pioneer of sorts within the entertainment industry.

Gloria Morrison on set.

Concerning an old-aged in-love couple who bicker much like Lucy and Desi on “I Love Lucy”, “So This is Love” starred Jack Donner and Jody Jarress in the leading roles.
Donner’s casting signified the power of Dreamstreet to easily acquire successful acting talent. In addition to his roles on “General Hospital” and “Cold Case,” Donner is best known for his key role in studio blockbusters “Four Holidays” with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughan and Clint Eastwood’s “J.Edgar”, where he played Oscar-winner Leonardo Dicaprio’s father. Jarress equally brought heart to the series in the role of Josey, underscoring Dreamstreet’s reputation of bringing humanity and frank humour to their projects with known actors. Jaress, who appeared opposite Oscar-winner Adrien Brody in “Hollywoodland”, is also known for her role as Ruby in “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and her striking appearance in the Academy-Award-nominated “Charlie Wilson’s War.” While both Donner and Jaress set a high-standard for the casting choices of Dreamstreet Entertainment, they also simply are examples of Dreamstreet’s status as a leader in entertainment.

The company’s future slate reinforces that status. “Last Ride…Ride as If It’s Your Last”, has acquired G-Machine as a distributor as well as cinematographers Steven Kaman (“Hangmen” with Sandra Bullock) and Keith Holland (“Wrong Turn”, with Eliza Dushku) to shoot it. Adding to that impressive line up, the multi-million dollar budgeted sporting-themed feature “The Futboleros” has Misha Segal (“The Phantom of the Opera,” “The Human Centipede III”) on board as the composer. A common theme between all of these projects? No doubt a desire for preserving the integrity of the story and the artists involved.


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