Graphic Designer Joy Sun does noir film poster for “Blake Chandler: Psychic Investigator”

Film poster for Blake Chandler: Psychic Investigator

While growing up in Tainan city, Taiwan, Joy Sun always loved drawing. She knew quickly that she had to be involved with art in her future, but she didn’t immediately know how. Failure wouldn’t get in her way, and after teaching herself storyboarding and working on business cards, she wanted to be both a storyboard artist and graphic designer. Now, she is recognized internationally for her talents as both.

As a storyboard artist, Sun has worked with some of the world’s largest companies, such as LG when she did the storyboard’s for their commercial Bring the Aurora to Life with Power of Perfect Black. As a graphic designer, Sun designed both a website and logo for Bruber Media Partners, as well as business cards for the famous transgender advocate Rodrigo Heng-Lehtinen. She has an extensive resume, but she would consider the highlight of her career working on the posters for the film Blake Chandler: Psychic Investigator, a project that truly combined both her graphic design and storyboard artist talents into one.

Blake Chandler: Psychic Investigator was a very fun and special project since a lot of movie posters nowadays are made with photographs and are heavily Photoshopped. It was a rare chance to get to take a more minimalist approach in terms of style and execution of a movie poster, and I enjoyed having the opportunity to do so,” said Sun.

Blake Chandler: Psychic Investigator is a critically acclaimed and highly successful feature film. It is a science-fiction comedy about a psychic investigator who tries to seek revenge on the ghost of his former crime fighting partner. The film was written, directed, and produced by Elran Ofir, who describes Sun’s work as immensely vital to the production as she was the lead graphic designer for the film, therefore creating the overall image that was most accessible to the public eye.

“There are very few people in the industry with the level of extraordinary talent and ability as Joy Sun and she has earned her lead roles on some of the most widely distributed productions for some of the biggest production companies in the industry. I feel extremely honored to have worked with Joy Sun throughout the production of Blake Chandler: Psychic Investigator and know that she will only continue to create commercially successful and critically acclaimed productions, which is why Joy is an excellent addition to the graphic design industry,” said Ofir. “I personally commissioned Joy for this lead role because she is the only graphic designer in the industry able to recreate the classic style of noir films. Joy’s illustrative and graphic design abilities are undoubtedly distinguished within her field. In addition, I wanted someone that could visualize my direction clearly and the result was an extraordinary film poster that neither me or the rest of the production crew could have expected.”

When the director Ofir approached Sun, he had very clear vision of what he wanted, but still gave Sun the space to be creative. Through his words, Sun says she found myself in a world of fonts. He specifically stated that he wanted the main character holding a flashlight with a cigar in his mouth and with the ghost smoking out of the cigar. Sun immediately wanted to make it her own. She started researching what noir films posters look like and tried to bring that vision onto the paper. She used her knowledge of colors and her digital drawing skills to mimic what Ofir had in mind, and made something he wanted and still from her own creation.

“It is always good to work with someone knows what they are doing as a leader. Elran is a great director and producer with an artistic vision that demands attention, I wanted to work with him for this reason. He is a succinct and clear individual whom is easily approachable, which I respect within business relations,” said Sun. “Also, Noir film has an amazing and deep history and the production of Blake Chandler: Psychic Investigator set out to revive the style. Beyond that, the crew I worked with was magnificent and made the process very enjoyable and interesting. Moreover, who wouldn’t want to work on a film about taking revenge on a ghost?”

The film has seen an enormous amount of success, having been selected for HollyShorts 2015 Official Selection, Fargo Film Festival 2016 Official Selection, SOCAL Film Fest 2016 Official Selection, and the Festival De Cannes 2015 Short Film Corner. For Sun, going to Cannes was an overwhelming experience, as she knows the prestige the film festival has. Not only would the film be showing, but people from all over the world would see her one-of-a-kind poster.

“I am so honored to be part of this process and had the pleasure to have my work out there to share with people,” Sun concluded.


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