Anele Morris stars in upcoming film Snake Outta Compton

Anele Morris is an actress from South Africa.

Most twelve-year olds barely know what they want for dinner let alone what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Many teenagers’ passions change as fast as their clothes. Anele Morris is the exception.

Morris started writing when she was just a twelve year-old growing up in South Africa. She would change the outcome of stories she would see on the television screen by writing her own endings and different scenes. This hobby slowly transitioned into something much more, a love for acting.

When Morris was 20, she was presented with the opportunity to audition for the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, where she was awarded with a partial scholarship. That’s when her professional acting career began. Now, she plays the role of Carly in the upcoming feature film Snake Outta Compton.

“Working on this feature film was an absolute joy. This was my very first comedy and it was an amazing experience to explore that side of my acting ability,” said Morris. “I learned that comedy acting is a lot of fun and I definitely would love to do more of it.”

Morris worked with director Hank Braxtan on Snake Outta Compton, which she doesn’t take lightly.

“Working with Hank taught me how to have more fun on set and to enjoy the experience,” said Morris. “He gave us freedom as artists and directed us in a way that helped improve my creativity.”

Braxtan has directed actors such as James Remar (Django Unchained) in his film Unnatural, which he also edited and got limited theatrical release for.

This is not Morris’ first taste of success. She has a starring role in the film Bloggers, which she wrote and produced and it has been submitted to a variety of film festivals over the next year. She also appeared in an episode of the award-winning web series Adopted. She also is the lead actress in the film Arsenic, and is in the film After.

“As an actress I submit myself to telling someone else’s truth. It is not about me but about the character. I imagine the character as the musician; my body is the instrument, the notes are made from the internal and external dialogue, and the performance is the music she plays,” said Morris. “I like the artistry of it, how you can only really trust yourself to be what each character needs to be. It really challenges you as an artist to be creative and own your performance with no apologies.”

With everything Morris has achieved, she has overcome what she believes to be the largest challenge as an actress: a lack of self-confidence. She did this by realizing that she wasn’t on her way, trying to be an actress but that she is an actress, and this allowed her to walk into auditions more confidently and approach scenes with more creativity.

“My goal is to embody the essence of being not just a talented actor but a professional actor who carries herself well in the business of acting as well as in the craft of acting, which includes owning a production company that produces stories that embody the unique talents of all kinds of actors from around the world. I also aim to be a film actress whose name stands for excellence, truth and inspiration. I want to be the kind of actress who is not afraid of discipline and hard work, manifesting success and a career with longevity,” said Morris.

There is little doubt, with the talent that Morris has, that she will achieve all of her goals. However, there is still one challenge that she has yet to overcome, which was the most difficult part of acting as Carly in Snake Outta Compton.

“Honestly, the biggest challenge was standing in my heels for extended periods of time,” she joked. “My feet were really feeling it, but other than that I had a blast.”


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