Actress Amor Sanchez is both evil and innocent in upcoming feature films

Amor Sanchez- Photo by Laura Escudero

While growing up in Madrid, Amor Sanchez always felt art inside her. She grew up in an artistic family, and she was always acting, dancing, drawing, or whatever else she could do to explore this side of her. Slowly she realized she was meant to not only be an artist, but she was meant to be an actress.

Sanchez has now starred in over a dozen feature films all over the world. She is recognized for her versatility, and being completely fluent in English and Spanish allows her the opportunity for even more roles. She excels in accents, and never wants to play a similar character twice. She will soon be on the big screen once more in the feature films The Curse of Manizales and The Curse of Manizales 2, made by the prestigious Rivera Films Studios.

The upcoming films are based on the Colombian short film La Maldicion de Manizales. They are suspenseful period pieces that revolves around love, envy, intrigue and hate. The first film follows the difficult love between a priest and a young orphan during the Inquisition in Colombian territory, product of the Spanish colonization. Nothing is sacred for Satan and he is ready to open the doors to hell. Sanchez will perform the lead role of Isabel.

“Isabel is evil. She is smart. She loves gossiping. She is a jealous person, of everyone and everything. And she likes doing bad. She is the mayor’s wife and she won’t stop until she breaks the forbidden love of the priest and the young girl. She is capable of creating any kind of sleight. She won’t stop, and when she finishes with this love she will find a new thing to destroy. She has one purpose in life – destroy what makes her jealous. Nobody can be better than her. She is the devil’s ally. But from the outside she looks their ally, nobody can suspect she is cooking up anything,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez is known for being multi-faceted. She was selected for the role of Isabel because they needed a special kind of actress who could look ingenuous and evil as same time. The role requires someone who can be innocent in some scenes and completely villainous in others.

“I like playing any kind of role. Even evil people has their own truth and reality. Their own reasons that are valid for them, maybe for nobody else. Maybe life made them be that way, maybe they were born like that, maybe they can change, maybe not,” she said. “This is a story of a forbidden love and everyone and everything is conspiring against them. It’s them against the world, against the devil, and against Isabel.”

Amor Sanchez – Photo by Ruben Navarro

Despite the evil tendencies of the character, Isabel is still a strong woman, not stopping until she reaches her goals. This is something that Sanchez admires about her character.

“She has persistence. And I would like to think that I am smart too,” she joked. “I like gossiping too. Just kidding.”

Isabel is a different character for the actress. Sanchez has had success playing a variety of roles, from gangsters, to business women, to women in love.

“I don’t like being typecast, so every time I pick a role it is different from the other ones I played previously,” she said. “I can be a teacher, next a nurse, next a naive girl, next an expert in martial arts, next a busybody neighbor, and of course every one of them have their own look, cloths, hair, way of talk and walk, and their own personality. I like challenges.”

This is echoed by fellow actress Vida Harlow, who has worked alongside Sanchez on multiple projects, including the film Vampiro.

“I know the tenacity and perseverance that it takes to be a professional actor. Amor is among the highest caliber of actors in the film industry. Her talent continuously grows and improves. Her remarkable onscreen presence contributes significantly to the overall quality of any project she is involved with,” said Harlow.

Sanchez is continuing this professionalism and commitment while working on The Curse of Manizales, as well as her upcoming television series Scorpion Girl.

“Every time there’s a new project there are new challenges. Every character has a different personality, with new concerns and new situations. It needs to be fully understood. When preparing for a role is important to know all the answers of every situation in the script. You have to decipher your character’s mind. It is important to know that the role is not you, but acting from its own truth,” she concluded. “That truth has to become your truth to make the character alive.”

The first film of The Curse of Manizales is expected to be released next year.


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