Outstanding Child Star Wins Three Awards For His Emotional Role On “Saving Hope”

SF - Three Awards
Actor Samuel Faraci with his Young Artist Award, Young Entertainer Award and Joey Award

Samuel Faraci is a widely up-and-coming Toronto born, Los Angeles-based child actor who’s super successful at what he does. Represented by CESD Talent Agency and PALLAS Management Group, at just ten years old, Faraci already has a lengthy framework of professional experience, his credits including “Saving Hope,” “PAW Patrol,” “Antisocial 2,” “Hannibal,” “Odd Squad,” and “Super Why!” to name a few. Since November of 2015, he has received eight award nominations among three different ceremonies. He won in all of them, for the same role and show, his portrayal of “Henry” on the hit TV series “Saving Hope.”

Airing on CTV Television Network and ION Television, “Saving Hope” is a supernatural medical drama that follows the lives of the nurses and doctors of Hope Zion Hospital. Faraci’s character Henry is a spirit among the hospital, who wanders around without knowing that he is already dead. “He is looking for his body with the help of a doctor who can communicate with ghosts. He feels himself in other children who received his organs until he finds the girl who received his heart, and realizes he died,” Faraci elaborated.

For this role, Faraci won A Joey Award in 2015 for “Best Actor in a TV Drama Guest Starring Role Age 6-9 Years.” Most recently in 2016, he won in Los Angeles a Young Artist Award for “Best Performance in a TV Series – Guest Starring Young Actor (10 or Under),” and a Young Entertainer Award for “Best Guest Starring Young Actor 11 and Under – TV Series” for the same role.

Faraci was additionally nominated for three other Joey Awards in 2015 in the categories of “Best Actor in a TV Comedy Guest Starring Role” for his work on the series “Odd Squad,” “Best Male Voiceover Performance Age 7-9 Years” for “Super Why!” and “Best Actor in a Feature Film Supporting/Principal Role Age 7-9” for the film “Antisocial 2.” Similarly, he was nominated for a second Young Artist Award in 2015 for “Best Performance in a TV Series – Guest Starring Young Actor 10 and Under” for his work on “Hannibal,” as well as a second Young Entertainer Award in 2016 for “Best Recurring Young Actor 13 and Under – Television Series” for “Odd Squad.”

The award-winning actor started his career at the young age of five auditioning for commercials, booking his first official acting job by the age of six. “My first job was an appearance in a kids show called “JiggiJump.” I had to stand up, sit down and smile during a rollercoaster themed song. It was fun,” Faraci said.

Contrastingly, Faraci’s work on “Saving Hope” was quite dramatic, ultimately allowing him to showcase his talents as an actor in a different light. “All of the scenes were very emotional,” Faraci explained. “It gave me the opportunity to explore Henry’s perspective of not being able to hug his parents or talk to his friends anymore.”

In order to successfully understand this character, Faraci explained that he really had to use his five senses in order to experience everything that was going on around him and fully embody Henry. “Every actor has a different process, I have to think about things that I’ve experienced in the past so that you can relate to your character,” said Faraci.

Faraci performed all of his scenes with actor Michael Shanks (“Burn Notice,” “Smallville” and “Stargate SG-1”) who plays Dr. Charlie Harris on “Saving Hope.” Well-known director Gregory Smith (“Arrow,” “Rookie Blue” and “DC Legends of Tomorrow”), who was a child actor himself, directed the episode and played a key role in Faraci’s success as Henry. “He guided me through the process of expressing the emotions required for the role,” Faraci detailed. “He told Henry’s story in a very moving way.”

Behind the scenes, Faraci fondly recalled learning about the different medical instruments in the faux but ever-so-real looking hospital set of Hope Zion Hospital. “It surprised me that every single piece of medical equipment on set is real and can be operated,” he said.

Furthermore, the show provided him with a memorable experience regarding the magic of makeup. “Something happened before the second day of shooting,” Faraci recollected. “I fell down at school and my lip was swollen, but makeup fixed it perfectly. It’s really amazing what they can do.”

While some of his favorite actors consist of Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Keanu Reeves, Faraci’s family initially influenced him to take up acting. “I think the love for acting runs in the family,” Faraci commented. “My great-grandfather was an opera singer and his brother was an actor at Cinecitta in Rome. They inspired me to start acting.”

Evidently, the career choice suits the multitalented child actor, who’s already experienced the joy of winning multiple awards for his work. Despite feeling a great sense of accomplishment while accepting all of his awards, Faraci stated, “I was also surprised because I was competing against very talented young actors who also deserved to win.”

Nevertheless, he added, “I keep these awards in my bedside table to remind me of my journey, and to motivate me to train more and improve my technique. I love to learn!”

Faraci will be playing both supporting and principal roles in three upcoming feature films, “Country Crush,” “One Drop” and “The Headhunter’s Calling,” all making their debut in 2016. Furthermore, he’ll be the voice of character Liam McLoud in a new Nickelodeon animation series titled “Rusty Rivets,” premiering this summer.


For more information on Samuel Faraci, please visit: http://www.imdb.me/samuelfaraci/

Follow Samuel Faraci on Twitter: https://twitter.com/samuelfaraci


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