Diana Matlak Takes Trip to Big Screen

Polish actress Diana Matlak is no stranger to success. At a young age, she mastered the art of dance and rose to the world stage. Now, she is gracing the big screen and working with some of Hollywood’s top talent.

Matlak has been cast in two leading roles recently. The first of which, the highly anticipated upcoming film The Train Trip (previously named Company of Women), Matlak will work alongside cinematographer John M. O’Connor. O’Connor previously worked on the blockbuster Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins. Matlak will also be working with a familiar face, director Joseph Brandon. The two previously worked together on the short film Coincidental Romance, which is now in a film festival circuit and it got already accepted to The Indie Fest in La Jolla.

“I worked with Joseph Brandon before, and I have to say that he has a very unique way of telling a story,” said Matlak. “He is very demanding, but at the same time he trusts his actors and gives them freedom when it comes to making choices. When we collaborate our styles mix together perfectly.”

Brandon chose Matlak to star in his film based on her talent and commitment to her roles.

“Working with Diana always makes my job as a director a more enjoyable process. I can always rely on her to be there for me, on time and ready to work hard. That is all I can ask for from anyone on any project,” he described. “She always comes with questions for me about her character and sometimes she answers them for me. She is very dedicated and that is what makes her such a great actress and easy person to work with.”

The Train Trip is in preproduction with filming set to begin in June. It follows the story of an architect named Jimmy. Jimmy travels by train on business and has an argument with his selfish girlfriend. He then battles the temptations of a sexy train attendant who wants to party. Matlak plays the role of Hannah, Jimmy’s girlfriend, who despite her self-indulgence loves Jimmy very much.

“It feels amazing being cast in The Train Trip,” she said. “I really can’t wait to play this character.”

Joseph Brandon plans on submitting the film to prestigious film festivals like Sundance and Cannes.

After playing the selfish but endearing character of Hannah, Matlak will have her second starring role in the feature Maneater, directed by Stephanie Nauli Moningka.

“I wanted to be in this film,” described Matlak. “It shows that many times, when everything seems perfect, it is not. We can’t judge book by its cover.”

In Maneater, Matlak plays the leading role of Lotta. When everything seems ideal, it’s just the beginning. She has the perfect house, the perfect man, her perfect friends and her perfect career. Nothing can go wrong at this point. Then her status quo meets its match during her in-house photo shoot. In fear of loosing everything she has worked for, she fights to keep her reputation before it slips away. The film is still in pre production with the hopes of starting shooting in this summer.

Versatility is clearly one of Matlak’s specialities, and acting was clearly something she was meant for.

“I love acting. I love telling stories and portraying different characters.I love the fact that I can play someone who is totally different from me,” she said. “Thanks to acting I can learn about myself.”

It is clear to audiences that a talent like Diana Matlak will have many more opportunities to tell stories as her acting career continues.



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