‘Can’t Sleep Love’ Video Merges Director Alon Isocianu’s Imagination with Pentatonix’s Superb Vocals

Director Alon Isocianu

Pentatonix’s music video for “Can’t Sleep Love” is a bona fide hit with more than 13 million YouTube views to date. Directed by the great Alon Isocianu, the “Can’t Sleep Love” video is a sensory stimulating masterpiece featuring the amazing talents of the five member a capella pop group, Pentatonix (RCA Records).

The video’s stylized color palette coupled with an innovative set design entices viewers to make visit after visit. No other treatment of the two-time Grammy Award winner’s piece could have been better imagined.

And imagination is Isocianu’s forte. An already internationally established music video director, Isocianu flexes with one his best career deliveries in “Can’t Sleep Love.” Revered, celebrated, and achieved, Isocianu’s effort creates definite anticipation for what lies ahead in his illustrious career.

Familiar personal themes establish a hypnotic, but relatable atmosphere to audiences. We’ve had those feelings. We’ve been down that road. We’ve been there those restless nights that bring on an unwanted dawn. “Can’t Sleep Love” hits the target without exception.

“The overall concept loosely revolves around the idea of staying up at night, not being able to sleep because all you can think of is someone you’ve fallen in love with,” says Isocianu. A careful examination of the brilliantly written lyrics reflect that – and more.

“Primarily the different colors and pattern designs are meant to distinguish the spaces from one another,” Isocianu said. “Each band member in Pentatonix brings a unique voice to the group, so I wanted to highlight that by giving each “vocal instrument” and each band member their own space. So while the designs don’t relate to the song’s lyrics or tone in any specific way, they do relate to the vocal arrangement.”

Chemistry between song lyrics and set design firms the tone for a unique blend. From the band’s idea of sitting on a couch in a multi-patterned room came the rich vision that eventually manifests itself throughout the video.

“I then took that idea and expanded on it, by creating multiple rooms, each with their own “hidden” dancers,” Isocianu said. Different dance styles are purposed to highlight the different vocal skills of each band member of Pentatonix.

An undeniable flair is reached through the vibrant colors and repetitive patterns in an acceptably excessive, theatric splash – a vibrancy rarely seen is achieved through the skillful director.

The individual Pentatonix vocals deftly harmonize to a finale with all the group’s members in the same room. The culminating effect is an impressive display of vocal talent and extraordinary directing skills.
From his directing of videos for Kelly Clarkson, to Shawn Hook, to Finger Eleven, to Meaghan Smith, and countless others, music and film enthusiasts both see Isocianu’s prolific prominence.

And thus it is with Pentatonix, who this month captured their second Grammy Award for the song “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.”

“Pentatonix were great to work with,” Isocianu said. “They’re very humble and fun, and very collaborative. As performers they each have their own style which is really fun to watch. They each bring a distinct sort of vibe individually, yet when they’re performing together they seem to groove in a cohesive way.”

The list of Isocianu awards and nominations is extensive. And, it will no doubt expand.

The year 2015 saw him win the East Coast Music Awards “Video Of The Year” (Meaghan Smith’s “Have a Heart”), and a Berlin Music Video nomination for “Best Visual Effect” (The Angry Kids’ “Battle”).

In 2012, Isocianu received a Much Music MMVA “Pop Video Of The Year nomination for Victoria Duffield’s “Shut Up and Dance.” In 2011, his music video for Candy Coated Killahz’ “Neon Black” was nominated for the Much Music MMVA “Post Production of the Year.”

Through it all, Isocianu is a director skilled in bringing feeling to his work through the extensive use of explosive colors, patterns and a degree of welcomed quirkiness. It’s established him and set him apart from others as a uniquely skilled craftsman in his trade.

Check out more from Alon at http://alonisocianu.com.

Watch “Can’t Sleep Love” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFCxiKXtKTI

Watch Behind the Scenes footage from the video shoot:


And experience the interactive “Can’t Sleep Love” video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_Riq4wZ3aY



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