Digital Artist Susie Liu a Creative Powerhouse in Advertising Production

Advertising Producer Susie Liu
Advertising Producer Susie Liu

The advertising industry calls for creativity, ingenuity and experience. Susie Liu fits all of these categories and more. This London-based advertising veteran has been in the industry for 15 years, working in all aspects of the business including design, print production and localization.

Liu’s current job as Advertising Producer for the cutting-edge global advertising firm Saatchi & Saatchi (Sectorlight) involves more leadership and logistics, but her love for design has never left her. Her true passion is to create ads that entice the viewer and leave them wanting more. She has designed campaigns for clients ranging from real estate or technology to retail businesses.

Liu has always been a right-brained thinker. Since childhood, she’s looked at the world with a more imaginative eye than most. Becoming Advertising Producer was a long time coming for Liu, who has always known what she was meant to do in life.

“I looked at ways to improve magazine articles and advertisements and change the style to my own liking by recreating visuals on the computer,” Liu said. “I’ve always gravitated toward anything visual or creative.”

For most, the immense list of responsibilities her job entails would be impossible, but her management experience and background in design makes her a powerhouse at what she does.

“I love problem solving and finding solutions,” Liu said. “It’s exciting to work for clients and people I feel passionate about and being able to deliver a great piece of work that inspires and meets their expectations.

Since her graduation from the renowned School of Art and Design at Kingston College in London in 1996, Liu has been working her way up in the design world.

Her years as a graphic designer provided her ample exposure to the hands-on aspects of design, which allowed her to appreciate her later role as Creative Artworker all the more.

“Having the design background provides me with the ideas and visual understanding of how something should look and feel and the role of a Creative Artworker gives you the technical skill set to create it,” Liu said.

Liu’s naturally creative mind and background in design gave her the knowledge she needed to generate inspiring work that met her client’s needs, but it’s her undeniable leadership abilities that earned her to the role of producer.

In addition to her work with Saatchi & Saatchi (Sectorlight), Liu has worked as Senior Creative Artworker, Production and Design Manager, Production Team Lead, Digital Artist and Designer for numerous companies including Apple, Wordsearch and HTC.

At Wordsearch, an innovative real estate advertisement firm, Liu worked as the advertising producer of the global launch of a 42-acre recreation development for the Battersea Power Station in London, which is one of cities most iconic structures.

Another notable Wordsearch project for Liu was her work for the One World Trade Center, the main building of the new World Trade Center complex in Lower Manhattan, which also happens to be the tallest building in the western hemisphere. It was crucial that the advertisement for this costly and symbolic project was attracting the maximum number of investors, which is where Liu and her team came in.

She also worked with Wordsearch as advertising producer for Masdar City. This 6- square kilometer eco-city in Abu Dhabi relies on solar and renewable energy sources and is aimed to be the hub for clean tech companies. Liu was hired to produce a series of printed and digital marketing meant to entice people into this new, not yet built, city.

In addition to Wordsearch was her involvement with Hogarth Worldwide, an international marketing implementation agency. She was the advertising producer for the London branch of HTC on the HTC One Phone. She and her team translated and localized all of the literature, in at least 40 different languages, created a variety of advertisements, point of sale and signage.

Since Liu’s thirst to create never sleeps, she is currently preparing for a job starting with 181 Fremont, a new building in the cultural heart of San Francisco’s SOMA District. She’ll be working on the artwork and production of the residential brochures. In addition, she will be working on the development of interactive presentations to create assets and components for the technical build, clean and prepare floor plan sheets for print, and retouching the final imagery for print and post production.

To find out more about the work of advertising producer Susie Liu, make sure to visit her website at


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